Thursday, December 30th, 2010
Most people know that they can save money with a balance transfer credit card but they simply don’t know where to find one. To make matters more confusing a lot of people simply don’t understand how balance transfer credit cards work.

A new site is designed to help Australians find the best deal possible on a balance transfer card. This site is designed to help people find the good deals by comparing the cards. That way, individuals can see what they are really getting when they sign up for such a card.

How a Balance Transfer Credit Card Works
The way a balance transfer credit card works is pretty simple. A balance from an existing card is simply transferred to a new card. To entice new customers many card companies offer a variety of deals on balance transfer cards.

The best deal is a 0 percent balance transfer under this deal a person pays no interest on a transferred balance for a period of time. Such a deal can save a person by helping them pay off the balance quickly. It can also make it easier to eliminate a credit card debt.

How LowerBills Can Help You Locate Balance Transfer Deals
LowerBills compare credit cards and shows visitors which ones offer balance transfer deals. Not every card offers these deals and those that do can vary widely.

LowerBills lets Aussies see exactly what balance transfer credit cardare being offered. It also lets consumers compare cards so that they can get the best deal possible.

Many balance transfer cards actually have slightly higher interest rates or larger annual fees. LowerBills lets people spot these and avoid them and get the deals that really can lower your credit card bill.

It even shows Aussies which cards offer a low flat rate charge for a balance transfer. This deal can often save a consumer more money than a no interest deal.

If you are interested in taking advantage of a 0% balance transfer take a look at That way you can get the best deal possible.

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