Friday, December 24th, 2010
The company’s “editing and recording suites” – promoting their studio’s facilities - turned into “recording artists in three piece suits”; not only that – their ‘headline act’ became a ‘woman with big hair’! Oh dear – someone paid for that!

Chin Communications's translation bloopers are a really popular page on the website - unfortunately all of the clangers, from Kevin Rudd's 'simultaneous orgasms', to the Acting Deputy Secretary's title - can you guess what he became? are all true.

We've written a short article with our top tips to make sure you don't hit our blooper list with your Chinese translations. From making sure you are using the right language (Chinese has many dialects and regional variations) to the importance of working with a professional translation company which can add a lot of value to your communications, our tips will get you on the right track. Things like consistent message, professional layouts, urgent turnaround and wise counsel come with professional translators who translate day in and day out.

You don't want to be mistaken for a pig, or have 'ugly boy' permanently etched on your arm!

To obtain a copy of the article, find out about China's currency challenge and other useful information about doing business with China, visit and take a look at our Chinese translation bloopers while you're at it.

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When it comes to Chinese translation, Chin Communications is the leading provider of Chinese-English Translations in Australia. Chin is well known for its timely solutions, advice and strategies to help win business and for error-free translations that help its clients get the deal right. With a client list including Presidents Clinton, Bush, Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao, Prime Ministers Gillard and Rudd, Chin also works with many small and medium businesses starting out with China.

Chin Communications has been Australia’s leading Chinese and Mandarin Translators and Interpreters for over a decade. Established in 1992, Chin built its reputation on outstanding language services, expert advice and going the extra mile to help clients.

No matter what type of communication or medium, Chin's commitment is to assist Australian businesses and governments to get your important messages across accurately, consistently and on time – to help you win that deal.

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