Wednesday, December 31st, 2008
Evolve Systems Australasia (ESA), exclusive distributor of the Interprise Suite business software solution, announces that it can offer Bartercard members the option to eliminate the cash outlay for a single user Interprise Suite (including priority support and upgrades) by using full Bartercard trade dollars.

ESA can offer this because the company has recently become a Bartercard member. Bartercard combines internet technology with a network of businesses and a mix of marketing channels to improve a business’s cashflow, expand its customer-base and increase its sales and profits. Bartercard’s focus is on helping small-to-medium businesses in Australia and New Zealand trade their goods and services without spending cash or taking on the challenge of a direct swap.

With many businesses looking for ways to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency to ensure that they survive the current economic downturn, ESA’s Interprise Suite/Bartercard offer is expected to be well-received by Bartercard’s small-to-medium sized business members.

“Bartercard reports that the weakened economy has seen a surge of new Bartercard members, and this is not surprising”, said Floremee Charles, Managing Director of Evolve Systems Australasia. “Evolve Systems Australasia has identified this as an opportunity with Bartercard’s 23,000-strong national network. With a large proportion of businesses now looking at ways to improve cashflow, Evolve Systems Australasia offers Bartercard members two ways of achieving this dual objective. Firstly through the purchase of Interprise Suite, which provides a comprehensive business software solution that will boost the efficiency and profitability of today’s small-to-medium sized business. And, secondly, through the option we offer Bartercard members to offset the cost of Interprise Suite and its implementation and support by using Bartercard trade dollars as part of the purchase.”

Interprise Suite represents a revolution in business software, combining accounting, customer relationship management and point-of-sale capabilities in a single, fully integrated solution.

Interprise Suite was developed on the rationale that business owners should not have to settle with a software solution that is either wholly Internet-driven or LAN-based. Providing the business connectivity customers want without sacrificing the performance and rich user interface they have come to expect from a desktop application, Interprise Suite combines the best aspects of a Web application (internet enabled, easy to deploy and update) with the best attributes of a desktop system.
To download a free trial of Interprise Suite visit For more information on Interprise Suite or our Bartercard special offer, or for an obligation-free business review, call Evolve Systems Australasia.

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Evolve Systems Australasia Pty Ltd and Bartercard

Interprise Suite was developed from the ground up by US-based Interprise Software Solutions, Inc. In April 2008 Interprise Software Solutions was acquired by Taylor Corporation, a Forbes Private 200 company with over 100 subsidiaries and 14,000 employees worldwide.

In July 2008 Sydney-based Evolve Systems Australasia secured exclusive distribution rights to Interprise Suite. The product is available now for an average price of $2,000.00 per user including support. Multi-user licences are also available. Additionally there is the option to obtain software finance from Evolve Systems Australasia from $30.00 per user per week. For further information on Interprise Suite contact Evolve Systems Australasia on 1300 736 637; email [email protected]; Web:
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Interprise joins world's largest trade exchange


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