Thursday, December 23rd, 2010
Polished concrete floors are a great alternative to granite and marble floors. Not only that, they are less costly even compared to wood or carpet covered floors. Many people have seen polished concrete floors without realizing it. That is because the finished product can look just as nice as any other type of costly floor. Many stores and storage depots use this type of floor. The reason for this is that. polished concrete floors are also very durable. It can take a great deal more abuse compared to conventional floors. It will not require maintenance such as waxing and polishing. Once it has been installed the work is done.

The process of putting down a polished concrete floor is relatively simple and straight forward. First a rough finish is done in concrete. All that is required for this is pouring concrete. Afterwards abrasives with diamond coating are used to scrub the floor. A special machine is used for this. After repeated work the end product will be a concrete surface that resembles polished stone. The good news is that there are many colours to choose from. You will not have to be stuck with the grey colour of concrete. Virtually every colour can be achieved with this process.

Mot important of all is that the colour will be uniform throughout when finished. This is not the case with other concrete floors that use acid stain to achieve colouring. The following are some the good qualities of a polished concrete floor. It will not show tire marks such as forklift or automobile tire marks. Liquids such as water and oil will not be able to penetrate it leaving stains behind. The floor surface has great abrasion qualities, virtually eliminating slipping accidents. It will also reflect ambient lighting as well as marble or granite floors. The surface is quite a bit denser compared to the alternatives, which automatically means stronger and more durable.

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Polished concrete floors



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