Thursday, December 23rd, 2010
Marble is a metamorphic rock or stone made up of recrystallized minerals which gives it its beauty along with its many styles and colors. Marble structures date back to the early times of man and still to this present day. Its smooth surface and brilliant shine is what makes marble a pleasant surface for any home or business. But how does one polish marble to keep that shine? It's simple. It doesn't take a rocket scientist and the marble will be up and shining in no time!

Stone can be damaged just as easily as any other surface. A marble floor taking heavy traffic will lose its shine over time gaining scratches and dirt, scuffs and marks. A good polish can and will bring the brightness back with a brilliant shine. Dust mopping on a daily basis will keep dirt from settling onto the floor in high traffic areas, keeping a nice marble look at all times.

Never use household chemicals when polishing a marble floor. More harm can be done than good. Instead, a neutral cleaner should be used with a damp mop. The marble floor can also be cleaned with a product called stone soap. Spills must be cleaned up immediately to avoid any staining and should be blotted with a fiber cloth. The main goal is to extend the brilliant shine and life of the marble stone.

Some marble surfaces and floors may need that extra care which may require calling in a professional who deals with restoring the beauty of such type of stone. The marble may be scratched or cut. Whatever the issue, no matter how bad or how long it sat unclean, help is always right around the corner. It's amazing to see what a dirty scratched-up marble floor looks like after a nice polish.

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