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Do you want to have the best quality concrete sealers and epoxy flooring? What makes a good concrete sealer? A concrete sealer can make concrete stronger, reduce cracking and splitting, protect against pitting, crumbling, dusting, resist moisture absorbance that will damage and weaken concrete, stop efflorescence ("white powder") and musty odours. It also protects against salts, acids and stains, and prevents moulds and mildew from forming. Concrete sealers should be used on driveways, basement floors and any exposed concrete that you want to protect.

Concrete sealers are needed for projects that require the material to be almost impenetrable, or to boost the value of a home with the type of stunning flooring that unsealed concrete can’t provide. If you are an architect looking to protect a bridge deck, seal a concrete industrial warehouse floor; or a just a homeowner who wants that expensive designer decorative-concrete look for their driveway, sidewalk, path or garage floor, then you need a quality concrete sealer who knows what they are doing.

A quality concrete sealer resurfaces concrete and other hard-surface based materials with a new look that is essentially solid, rather than porous. With unsealed concrete, after years of wear and tear, the naturally occurring porous holes become small cracks and begin to expand and spread across the surface of the concrete. An experienced concrete sealer will actually use products that also harden and extend the life of your concrete.

Concrete sealing is done on patios, porches, steps, sidewalks, driveways, garages, indoor floors, unglazed tile, untreated brick, exposed aggregate and other concrete or masonry surfaces. The penetrating sealer is below the concrete surface so it will give a long life. The penetrating sealer is below the concrete surface so it will give a long life. Also, since the sealer penetrates deeply, UV rays cannot degrade a good quality concrete resurfacing. The best option for sealing outdoor surfaces is film-former sealers that have solvent-based acrylics.

When is concrete sealing needed on the driveway or sidewalk?
The way to check if your driveway or side walk requires any sealer is to put some water on it. If it soaks into the concrete instead of forming puddles, then you need to seal the concrete. A good concrete sealing is below the concrete surface so it will give concrete a long life. It increases the mass and surface hardness of the treated concrete thereby making it much more resistant to wear and damage.

Concrete sealants can increase the strength, and the usefulness, and the longevity of your concrete work for years and years to come. Also, decorative resurfacing of your hard-surfaces (AKA Polished Concrete) can rapidly transform the image of your home from ‘Aussie Brick’ to ‘Greek Island Perfection’ or anything in-between adding tens of thousands of dollars to the look and market-value of your home in just a few hours.

If you are in Brisbane, Toowoomba or anywhere is South-East Queensland, get in touch with Chris and Grant at Clean and Coat. They have been sealing concrete in Brisbane for 18 years. No one is more experienced or can give you better results. Clean And Coat can increase the strength, usefulness, and longevity of all your hard-surfaces and bring new life to an aged appearance. Clean And Coat are also South East Queensland’s recognized authority on epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring is done to increase the durability of your floors and give your floors a glossy, modern look that is easy to clean and maintain. Epoxy flooring (AKA Seamless Flooring) has a variety of home and commercial uses, it is great for bedrooms, living rooms, garages and workspaces whilst also being ideal for bathrooms because it makes the floor slip-resistant. Adding epoxy flooring also improves the look of your home or office. A modern and utilitarian look can easily be achieved with epoxy floors. For all enquiries, have no hesitation to contact Chris or Grant to know more about all these services and more. Phone them now to get an obligation-free quote on how to improve the value of your home and make your floors new again.

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