Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
The concept of retail sales and its origins are recorded throughout history, one example is found in the religious writings of Moses where he detailed the buying of doves and other animals used by the priests for sacrifice. Also the selling of grain and other goods by merchants played a key role in the community then, as they do now.

Instruments that were utilized by merchants in bygone days to attract consumers are categorized as archaic compared to modern applications, yet those methods were the templates for success to the businessmen/women of today.

With technological advancements the verbiage used for a consumers transaction at the check-out lane became the "point of sale" and with this a concept was created to increase sales, and therefore profits, and by tailoring the point of sale experience to include a variety of options for the consumer.

It is not uncommon in a retail establishment for the proprietor to make available colorful flyers and brochures at the point of sale, also known as POS, to gain patrons interests in other items or services performed within that particular business; or to subtly guide them to a merchant with whom an interest is shared.

Yes, the days of limited access to variety are gone, and with the POS technology the process has been streamlined and personalized. With the ever-changing environment of retail sales, it has become necessary to the business owner to have access to the most up-to-date equipment to enhance sales, manage inventory, and provide efficient time management for his employees.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of suppliers in the POS industry, one such company excels in the technology and its products - Fedelta. Their home offices are located in Australia but may be reached by telephone, or by visiting Their products are suited for venues ranging from Bars/Nightclubs to Supermarkets and Specialty Shops, even the gaming industry relies on their proven track record of innovation and reliability.

You may wonder where such information was obtained. The referenced material in this article was found in a brochure, neatly displayed at the POS at the local market. G'day Mate!



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