Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
One of the main attractions at almost every birthday celebration is the cake. Whether you are five or fifty there is something special about the tradition of sharing a birthday cake with close family and friends.

"I can still remember selecting my birthday cake out of the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book each year as a child. I will always have those fond memories of each special cake that my mum stayed up late creating on the night before my birthday" says Aimee Dearing from 'Something for Cake'.

There are so many fun and innovative decorating supplies available for decorating birthday cakes these days including; edible glitter flakes, a rainbow of food dye colours, modelling paste, fondant, edible chocolate rocks, cachous, colourful sparkling sugar, shimmer dusts, funky cupcake papers, and much more.

The key is finding these cake decorating supplies. 'Something for Cake' is an online cake supplies store based out of Sydney Australia, which carries an extensive range of essential cake decorating equipment.

"Whether you are a beginner or an advanced cake decorator we have a great range of cake decorating supplies. We also offer some valuable decorating tips through our cake decorating site and our blogspot’s" says Lydia Gibbons of 'Something for Cake'.

Why not visit 'Something for Cake's store to find some great decorating supplies for your next birthday cake creation.

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Something for Cake is an online Cake Decorating Supplies store based out of Sydney, Australia. We carry an extansive range of cake decorating supplies inlcuding; cookie cutters, cupcake papers, fondant, food dyes,sparkling sugar, cake tins, cake boards, cake mix, cooking chocolate, and much more.
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