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The National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC) was established by the Australian Government to administer Child Care Quality Assurance systems and to accredit child care service providers in Australia.

NCAC assists child care professionals to deliver quality child care by providing advice, support and resources. NCAC also helps families to understand the value of quality care and make informed decisions when selecting a child care provider.

The Challenge

As part of the Quality Assurance systems, child care providers are required to undertake a self-evaluation process which involves completing a booklet and forwarding to NCAC by post. The aim of the self-evaluation program is to support continuous improvement in the quality of care that is supplied by child care providers.

Once the forms are received by NCAC, they are manually entered into an existing system from which the data is used for an assessment of the quality of care supplied by child care providers. NCAC also utilises the information to support child care providers that need assistance to maintain and improve the quality of care they provide.

NCAC found that the manual data entry process was time consuming and inefficient. In addition, the information required to assess the quality of child care providers could be delayed due to the length of time it took for postage and delivery of the physical documents.

The Solution

NCAC sought to make the process more user-friendly and efficient. They decided to develop an extranet portal for child care providers through which they could submit the self-evaluation form electronically. NCAC envisaged that this would improve the level of customer service as well as provide greater efficiencies in submission and data transfer times.

In addition to the self-assessment form, NCAC also wanted to extend the portal to cater to other services where providers were required to submit forms or reports.

The system needed to maintain a balance between current business requirements, but also allow for future extensibility.NCAC were willing to explore options with using open source platforms and off-the-shelf solutions. In the end NCAC opted for a custom .NET based application that would deliver the outcomes they needed and would integrate with their existing systems.

In search of the provider

When looking for a provider to build their custom .NET system, NCAC considered a number of software development vendors. Solentive Software was chosen as the preferred supplier. NCAC chose Solentive Software because they offered a comprehensive service; from analysis of business requirements, through to deployment and integration of the system with current business systems.

Development process

One challenge NCAC experienced during the development process was the integration of distributed databases.Solentive’s engineers developed a solution that would ensure the integrity of the data was maintained and network and security requirements were met. Solentive also worked with NCAC’s IT staff to test and implement the system to ensure it met their needs.

The result

The benefits NCAC have realised after implementing the system included the streamlining of business processes as well as the reduction in time to receive information and process data.By enabling child care providers to complete reports and forms online, NCAC has seen an increased level of customer satisfaction.

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