Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
Mad Australia Productions has introduced eMEs as the new way for businesses to communicate and self promote.

An eME is a video file that links to a digital document. It's fast, punchy and gets a direct message to a target market. It can instantly put you on the desktop of potential business partners.

"The launch of the eMEs has been like introducing the latest social media lubricant," said Mad spokesman, Mr Dale Ross. "It has produced a small frenzy of activity on Facebook with with flexible, one-size-fits-all eMEs, introduced by Mad's new CEO, Mr Craig Douglas."

The hundreds of eMEs already out there are helping business owners launch products, explain a system, announce a sale or simply connect with existing and new customers.

It was the clients of Mad Australia Productions who suggested different uses for the eMEs - such as very economical advertisements that can be played on the internet and even the floating of a business idea to gauge public reaction - in fact anything that can be enhanced with a simple videoed preface.

Video is well known to be the number one converter to sales on the internet and no product has quite captured the imagination of business leaders or provided such a simple, economical and effective delivery.

The eME is available to any business that wants to promote online via video. Mad Australia Productions looks after everything from scripting through to directing and even presenting on behalf of the client if they are looking for a professional presenter.

For more information please contact Dale Ross on 0405 604 058.

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