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When it comes to staying healthy, doctors of people with diabetes will repeatedly tell them that health is a numbers game; there are certain numbers that all healthy people should remember. Newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetics must change parts of their diabetes lifestyle and diabetic food plan to control their blood sugar and get better. Here are some tips to help you keep an eye on your overall health - while sticking with the numbers.

[1] 5 Fruits and Veggies

Everyone should remember to eat a total of five fruits and veggies each day. You can mix and match your fruits as much as Vegetable Tray you like as long as you reach five by the end of the day. Having a hard time making sure you get your five in? Here are some ways you can sneak in an extra serving or two:

• Add a small handful or raisins or banana to your cereal in the morning.
• Drink a smoothie instead of a soda (for as many as four fruits and veggies).
• Slice a tomato on top of your turkey sandwich.
• Stir mushrooms and onions into your breakfast omelet.
• Reach for an apple rather than a granola bar for your afternoon diabetic diet meals.
• Have a glass of 100% fruit juice before work or after a workout.
• Keep dried fruit and sugarfree candy in your desk or car to satisfy that mid-day sweet tooth.

[2] Hours of Sleep

Studies prove time and again that every needs about eight hours of sleep each night. However, most people do not allow themselves the luxury of the full recommended dosage of R & R. By going to bed at a reasonable hour (when you are tired) and sleeping a full eight hours, your body will feel rested, restored, and will ultimately function at a higher level than if it were deprived of sleep.

If you are having difficulty sleeping, take a look at your overall stress level, diet, exercise routine, use female and male incontinence pads, and sleeping habits. Small changes can lead to big results. Speak to your doctor if you have trouble sleeping for a prolonged amount of time.

[3] 30 Minutes of Exercise with womens and men's diabetic socks

Peripheral Neuropathy is one of the common side effects of diabetes, which can cause insensitivity, or a loss of sensation in the extremities to feel pain, heat, and cold in a diabetic person. It is very important for a diabetic person to take care of foot related injuries and wear specially designed shoes for diabetics, diabetic socks mens, and seamless diabetic socks.

Whether you are Diabetic or not, it is important to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. These 30 minutes does Seniors Walking not have to occur at the same time? Often, busy people may only be able to sneak in 15 minutes walks with specially designed diabetic support hose here or there. However, it is important that you set aside enough time each day to get your heart rate up, your blood pumping, and your muscles moving.

Having a hard time sneaking in 30 minutes? Here are some quick tips that everyone can do:

• Take two 15 minute walks (15 minutes is roughly one mile).
• Clean the house vigorously (try to work up a sweat).
• Do floor exercises by wearing men’s and women's diabetic socks for 10 minutes three times a day (sit-ups, push-ups, calf raises, stair climbing).
• Walk during lunch or walk to lunch.
• Take a bike to visit a friend or run to the store rather than a car.
• Make exercise a family event by taking the kids to the park, a walking trail, gym, or track.

[4] 8 Glasses of Water

In order for your body to function properly, your organs need to be well-hydrated. Research shows that in order to maintain hydration, people should drink anywhere from three to eight glasses of water each day. Water can be flavored water, including some juices, as well. Also, may fruits and veggies contain large amounts of water that can help the body stay hydrated.

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