Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

A unique conference to be held in Hobart in February opens with a cocktail-making session that demonstrates all of life's complexity - shaken, stirred or on the rocks.

But this conference is not about bar skills, it's about a unique personal and professional development retreat that will help delegates start the New Year with a fresh outlook.

"After enjoying a few cocktails over the Christmas break, people often want to take time to reflect," says organiser Sharon Hudson of Talent Tools, a Brisbane-based workplace training and organisational development company.

"The cocktails session provides insight with the purpose of setting up for three days of intensive professional and personal development."

The PD Retreat conference combines both personal and professional development, from emotional intelligence through to business ethics. As a demonstration of work-life balance, some sessions are delivered while touring the surrounding tourist attractions.

Delegates will learn how to handle difficult, demanding and challenging behaviour, how to improve self-awareness and build trust-based teams, and how to achieve peak performance with neurotechnology.

You can even learn the art of impressing an audience and the 10 immutable laws to get the maximum value from your PowerPoint presentations. "You can learn how to find an ideal partner, how to bounce back from adversity, and how to improve your business with a solutions based approach," says Ms Hudson.

"And the big one for today's over-informed times is how to become more productive when working under pressure and deadlines, without burning yourself out!"

The PD Retreat has been organised to provide learning and development sessions in a positive relaxed environment for people ages 16 to 116 all walks of life.

"We chose Tasmania as the location for the inaugural PD Retreat because its natural beauty and tranquility resonates with the intent of the event," Ms Hudson explains.

"Delegates, and their families, are encouraged to extend their stay and take some time to explore Tasmania while they are there."

The program has a diverse range of Australian and international presenters and trainers; including life and business coaches, university professors, health professionals and renowned speakers. There are several registration options available, including one or two day registration or for the full 3 day conference, which runs from Thursday to Saturday.

Says Ms Hudson: "Conferences and conventions don't usually extend into the weekend, but this event caters for everyone from small business and those with responsibility for the development of organisational employees to people who have never attended a conference or convention before, and may not be funded to attend by an employer. "In fact, there are sessions specifically designed for people who not in the workforce.

"Providing conference type events which include the opportunity for personal growth for mothers and fathers at home is something that I have wanted to do. So if your partner is always going to off to conferences, and you wonder what the heck they do there, this is your chance to attend one yourself and find out!"

Presenters include Di Nailon from Queensland University of Technology, Dr Samantha Hardy of University of Queensland, Jason Jelicich of Barmetrix, Christine Anderson of Activ8 Excellence, Samantha Aldridge and Shane Kintworth of Relationships Australia and Dr Marilyn Powell of EQ at Work Australasia, among many others.

A complete program can be downloaded at

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PD Retreats Australia

PD Retreats organises developmental retreats for personal, relationship, professional, small business and organisational development.

Drawing on a diverse range of presenters, topics and locations PD Retreats provide leaning and development in relaxed and positive environments conducive to learning.

Sharon Hudson, PD Retreats founder, conceptualized PD Retreats as providing conference and convention style learning experiences for the general public as well as the employees of large organisations, priced to enable staff not generally considered for conferences nor conventions to attend.
Sharon Hudson
P: 07 3862 2859
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Talent Tools

Talent Tools provides Talent Enhancement Products, Accreditation and Professional Development Workshops to the training and development and Human Resource industries.

Talent Tools is the major sponsor of the 2009 PD Retreat.
Sharon Hudson
P: 07 3862 2859
M: 0416 01 07 01


A cocktail-making session will be used as an analogy for life at the launch of a professional/personal development retreat to be held in Hobart in the New Year.



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