Saturday, December 18th, 2010
THL are delighted to bring you the news that we have entered into an agreement with the owners of JJ Motorcars Inc., an RV motorhome rentals business in the United States that trades as Road Bear RV, for thl to purchase the company.

Road Bear ( is based in Los Angeles and operates a similar model to our New Zealand motorhome hire and Australian campervan rental businesses. The purchase is consistent with our strategy to build on the rentals business model that is already so well established in New Zealand and Australia.

This agreement is a significant milestone in the history of thl. Road Bear provides an ideal opportunity to establish a beachhead in the USA, based on an operation that is profitable, a good fit with our existing business and has strong potential for expansion in the largest RV motorhome market in the world.

Road Bear has a strong market position with a premium offering. Its customer base is primarily in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, which are also core markets for our existing camper rentals businesses. It is strongly located for tourism flows, currently operating between 350 and 450 rental vehicles from five branches located in tourism gateways - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas and New York. The vendors, Daniel Schneider and Horst Hagner will remain with Road Bear.

This acquisition brings new opportunity without diminishing the existing operations - it will be business as usual in New Zealand and Australia, and the group-wide focus on improving the way we operate the business will be just as intense as before.

Meanwhile, establishing ourselves in a new market will enhance our financial profile - it will also broaden our revenue base and smooth our cash flow through the year, as Road Bear’s high season is at the opposite end of the calendar to that for the New Zealand and Australian businesses.

We have clearly stated for some time that our balance sheet is strong but we need to focus more on growing the earnings of the business. This opportunity provides us with the scope to assist the growth of the business whilst we continue to focus on improving the performance of the current businesses we own.

We will bring you further information on this exciting development as needed. Our focus in the immediate future will be to go through the necessary legal and financial steps to complete the transaction by the target date of 31 December. In the meantime, We take the opportunity to welcome Road Bear and all its crew and customers into the thl group.

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THL is New Zealand’s and Australia's largest campervan rental company. With the acquisition of Road Bear RV we will be offering RV motorhome hire in the United States of America, to complement our existing Australian campervan rentals business.
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