Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Are you stuck on what to buy your 18 – 23 year old son or daughter? Why not get them an overseas working holiday!

Not only will it get them out of the house, but it will also help them develop the confidence to independently explore the world! There are many overseas working holiday opportunities available for Aussies these days, but one that is a tried and proven success is working as a Camp Counselor at a summer camp in America.

“This is not only an amazing opportunity to get out of Australia and travel, but is a great stepping stone for future travels. Working at a summer camp will give them a guaranteed roof over their head, 3 meals a day and 24 hour support and the chance to make friends from around the world for their future travels “ says Alan Perry the International Marketing Director of CCUSA.

To work at a summer camp in America you will need to apply through a US approved J1 visa sponsor company. CCUSA is one of these programs and they place Aussies 18 and over, in a 9-week job at a summer camp in the USA from June - August. The program includes food, accommodation up to US$2145 Pocket money, US Visa Sponsorship, 3 months US Government approved work and travel insurance, 24-hour toll free emergency assistance, discounted airfares and a fully supported, safe work and travel experience.

For the 2011 American summer camp period, CCUSA is looking for up to 1500 young enthusiastic Aussies who love working with kids (aged 8 – 16) and are wanting to share and teach their sports, outdoor, creative, or water skills at camp.

So if you are looking for the Ultimate Christmas Present then check out CCUSA by visiting their website or call 1300 859 040.

Make sure you get in early as CCUSA will be bringing up to 30 American Camp Directors to Australia to hire up to 300 staff from NSW. This one day only event will be held in Sydney on Sunday the 23rd January! Check out the website for full details.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Alan Perry if you;
· Require more information
· Would like to interview a person who has got a Summer Camp Placement for Christmas
· To line up interviews with American Camp Directors when they are here in January.
Images, video footage, and additional stories about Aussies working overseas at summer camps are available.

Alan Perry CCUSA International Marketing Director
0416 011 610 / 02 922 333 66
[email protected]

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Working in the USA - opportunities available to work at summer camps June-August 2011!

With over 24 years of experience and 170,000 participants from around the world, CCUSA is able to offer you the best work and travel programs in the industry with unrivalled customer service! We find your PERFECT PLACEMENT and give you the best summer of your life!
Alan Perry
P: +61 2 92233366


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