Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008
Adelaide based game developers Champagne for the Ladies and I Love Biscuits have teamed up to create Give Bush the Boot - the bloodiest tongue in cheek Bush booting game to date. Who wants to play a game where you defend Bush from flying boots? Or hurl the same ugly shoe at him again and again with no visible effects? We all want a chance to dig in the boot and more importantly we want to do major damage with an extensive range of footwear!

Champagne for the Ladies producer Holly Owen says “The game is based on two basic yet fundamental principles- you can never have enough shoes in your wardrobe and you can never have enough blood in your games.”

I Love Biscuits senior programmer Michael Bubnick cheekily adds, "The thing about our game is that it manages to educate and entertain. I believe education should have equal billing next to entertainment. Where else can you learn about shoes from around the world? Besides a website devoted to teaching you about shoes from around the world, I mean."

But seriously, why should Iraq have all the fun? Now people the world over can Give Bush the Boot ! Give Bush the Boot allows players to choose from a collection more extensive than Imelda Marcos’s. Whether it’s fashionistas’ Louboutins in Paris, astronauts’ moon boots on the moon or ugg boots in Australia, take aim and fire! Don’t just hit your mark, make your mark! Couture footwear isn’t just over priced, fabulous looking and difficult to walk in- it’s deadly too! Use it to inflict a bruise, break his nose or hit a major artery.

If your skill, stamina and desire for revenge are worthy, you will have the chance to give Bush the ultimate boot by throwing the holy grail of footwear - Dorothy’s magical red slipper. If your will is good, your arm strong and your aim accurate you will annihilate the half-wit president and hear the classic Wizard of Oz line, “But what would you do with a brain if you had one?”

Give Bush the Boot is the perfect source of light entertainment for those still whiling away the last few days in the office before taking a well earned festive break.

For more information and screen shots of the game please contact spokesperson Holly Owen on 0412 665 394 or email: [email protected]

Play Give Bush the Boot at: http://www.champagnefortheladies.com/bootbush

Give Bush the Boot is a co-production by
Champagne for the Ladies and I Love Biscuits

Writer/Director/Producer: Holly Owen
Programmer/Sound Designer/Animator: Michael Brockhouse
Animator/Graphic Designer: Kyle Leffers
Animator/Graphic Designer: Hannah Murdoch

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I Love Biscuits is a budding digital media company that specialises in the creation of games and educational walkhroughs for the web.


Who wants to play a game where you defend Bush from flying boots? Or hurl the same ugly shoe at him again and again?


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