Thursday, December 16th, 2010
Tasmanian women are approaching this summer with a new zest for life, thanks to Launceston’s wellbeing business BodyZen.

BodyZen relaunched late last month, and has already been helping women to be at peace with their bodies through foundation workshops, online coaching programs and forums.

More than 50 people attended the BodyZen launch at The Atrium Café on November 26 to hear directors Sara Redman and Susan Henshaw share their own personal stories and the elusive keys to finding peace and sustainable weight loss.

“BodyZen isolates the key to weight loss and body image issues that leads you to sense of being at peace with your body,” Sara explained about BodyZen’s revolutionary system.

“Unlike traditional approaches to weight loss, we take your focus off your body put it on the core issue. By working on mental and emotional weight loss first, the physical weight loss follows and takes care of itself.

“Our vision is for more and more women to get off the diet treadmill, achieve their best body and find a sense of peace within themselves. These women become role models and this has an exponential effect by spreading to other women in their lives,” she concluded.

Both Sara and Susan are inspired by the quote from Buddha: “If you light a lamp for someone, it will brighten your own path,” and feel this sums up BodyZen perfectly.

In launching the business Sara and Susan discussed the tools BodyZen uses, which include these free services:

• BodyZen Newsletter and Blog
• BodyZen Non Diet
• 30 Days to Self Respect
• BodyZen Forum

Find out more about the free programs at:

In conjunction with the following paid programs:

• Foundation Workshop
• BodyZen Program

Find out more about the online program here:

Sara also talked about her upcoming book Find Peace, Lose Weight – The BodyZen Approach at the launch.

For more information about BodyZen visit

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• BodyZen relaunched in 2010, after previously operating under the name LightenUp.
• It is owned and operated by Sara Redman and Susan Henshaw.
• Sara Redman holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology and accreditations in Life Coaching, Fitness and Pilates. Susan Henshaw described herself as the classic “yo-yo dieter” before creating BodyZen, so understands the frustration of the diet treadmill.
• Sara Redman will soon be releasing her book Find Peace, Lose Weight – The BodyZen Approach.
Johanna Baker-Dowdell, Strawberry Communications
P: 0423 969 661


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