Thursday, December 16th, 2010
I have been following Sam from The Financial Samurai for some time now and have been observing his newborn baby Yakezie grow and take off rapidly on the blogosphere.

By the way, Sam has commented a few times on my blog and has invited me to guest post on his – Sam I am publicly announcing taking you up on the offer

Yakezie is a network of personal finance blogs that have come together for several common purposes. Without getting into the nitty-gritty details behind the what, why, how, when and such, suffice it to say that the community is dedicated to the greater good of both that belong to it, and those outside of it.

After a few months of observation, today I want to announce that I have finally signed up for the Yakezie challenge (notice the badge on the bottom right-hand column of the blog?). I am looking forward to the challenge as well as developing relationships with fellow like minded bloggers.

As someone relatively new to the blogosphere, I wanted to get comfortable in my own skin before mixing in with more experienced and established bloggers. Because my blog is not purely about personal finance, I had some reservations initially joining the Yakezie group. But after ongoing consideration, and positive reinforcement from several existing Yakezie members, I decided to join the community.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I blog about “getting more out of life”, which can mean more financial freedom, more flexibility in lifestyle design or the freedom to choose what to do and when. And although the primary reader of my blog is a successful and busy professional, the broader message can be applied to all.

My blog assumes that its reader has developed a sound fundamental understanding and discipline of basic personal finance, an assumption that is larger than life. Why so? Our educational system has failed year after year in teaching and instilling in us basic personal finance concepts, a void that Yakezie members are helping fill in very nicely.

That is precisely why there are 17,652 personal finance blogs on the internet today, with each one successful in its own way. I plan on blogging about this topic in depth in the coming weeks. Continue @

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