Monday, February 21st, 2011

Membership to MVBG's flagship buying group, for household electricity, is now open.

Household electricity prices are rising.

All consumers will be well aware that the dynamics of the electricity market has changed.

Residents can do something about them.

For individual household electricity consumers the ability to gain significant savings from any electricity retailer is minimal. However, as a member of a larger buying group, significant savings can be achieved through the combined buying strength of the group.

That electricity prices will rise is not in dispute. As an individual household electricity consumer there is little ability to minimise these price rises. However, as a member of a larger buying group, housholds can minimise any price rise through the collective purchasing power of the group.

Residents do have a choice.

It is about having strength in numbers.

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Moonee Valley Buying Group

The Moonee Valley Buying Group is a new and independent buying group offering residents/households within Melbourne the opportunity to secure savings for products and services for their household through the combined buying strength of the group.

The vision for MVBG is to enable residents - economically small consumers - to achieve savings for products and services through the combined market strength of the buying group.

MVBG acts for its members to secure the best product or service and price model. This is achieved by utilising the combined buying strength of its members to deliver improved products, services or pricing than individual members may be capable of achieving in their own right.

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