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Many businesses have sought to gain from the iPhone app phenomenon, but how does it compare to traditional advertising platforms?

Adelaide, SA, December, 2010-- Adelaide company, Enabled Solutions, purportedly Australia’s largest iPhone developer, is offering insight into the advantages of iPhone and iPad advertising and sharing a few more unique opportunities the devices present.

In the quest to leverage from the iPhone’s popularity, businesses have produced game apps, book apps, utility apps, social apps, education apps and many more. Some have used them for profit, but many others have developed apps for advertising purposes. The latter is commonly achieved purely through branding where the actual app is unrelated to the brand, or through an app designed around the brand and its customers, where users engage directly with the brand.

Grant Hull, Director of Enabled, talked about the advantages apps have over traditional advertising. “The most obvious advantage is that app users voluntarily and actively participate with the ‘ad’. Compare that to TV commercials where viewers use the break to get a cuppa or go to the toilet. Even if they watch it their involvement with the ad is passive at best - but an iPhone user is actively interacting with the ‘ad’ and likely to take it into the toilet with them!”

“Because it is voluntary, users have fewer barriers in place to block out the brand message. They aren’t being ‘forced’ to watch or listen, and they’re getting something of value for their attention. That’s actually another benefit of the iPhone and iPad - it gives businesses a lot more opportunity to offer users something of true value. It’s difficult to give consumers something valuable through a TV, radio, or print advert.”

Grant explained how offering consumers true value leads to other benefits, such as goodwill towards the brand, and a potential long-term platform for advertising and promotion. “If you can develop an app users actually want to keep on their iPhone and continue using, you essentially have continual access to them. That doesn’t mean you have to regularly send them push notifications (though when this is desired by users it is very effective), because a well-designed app means they are organically interacting with your brand anyway. Some apps gain a very loyal and active following of users. On top of this, apps can be updated, unlike any other kind of traditional advertising, which means you can add new messages, offers, and value at any time.”

Other benefits discussed were iPhone and iPad’s mobility, the ability for users to instantly react to an ad without needing to miss out on anything or switch devices, and their inherent social sharing. “When’s the last time you said, ‘Have you seen this new banner ad? It’s incredible’? iPhones are frequently pulled out and passed around at social events, from eating to traveling to partying, so the apps and their accompanying brands find a greater audience than just downloaders.”

Grant also shared some more unique possibilities. “Many people don’t realise the incredible cross-promotional capacity apps have. It’s hard to cross-promote in traditional advertising without wasting precious time or space, but on an app, it’s easy to link to relevant websites, videos, apps and more. Complementary businesses can team together to get cross-promotional benefits.”

“Meanwhile, iPads are only just starting to be used for their full potential. They have so many uses for business, especially in the area of consultation, and they also open up more possibilities for offering users true value and furthering social sharing through multiplayer mode. The great thing about apps in general, is that there are so many opportunities for businesses to ‘do it differently’ - you’re really only limited by your ideas.”

For those who manage to do it differently, apps can also garner additional promotion from traditional press. Save The Children, one of Enabled’s iPhone clients, experienced this with their Earthquake Response app. “Earthquake Response generated worldwide press coverage for Save the Children, including a story in The New York Times,” said Ian Woolverton, Save the Children’s Emergency Media Manager. "The App launch was a great success."


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Enabled are a cross-platform digital media production company - taking brands, content and experiences to the next level of interactive engagement. As touch, web and video experts, Enabled work with clients to reach new potential by diversifying their promotion and distribution platforms, and increasing the effectiveness of their current ones. In operation for over 10 years, Enabled works with many leading agencies and production companies, as well as working directly with clients on a state, national and international basis.

As a measure of their success, Enabled’s online strategies have been recognised by various awards, and their iPhone applications have been downloaded by millions around the world.
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Many businesses have sought to gain from the iPhone app phenomenon, but how does it compare to traditional advertising platforms? iPad promotion, iPod promotion, cross-promotion, media coverage



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