Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Against the backdrop of a slowing economy and shrinking profit margins, it’s not surprising that accountants and business consultants are seizing on any opportunity to improve client service and maintain healthy revenues.

All reasons and necessary actions are recorded in one central place, so each collector no longer needs to print or export information and keep their own private notes. Complete transparency will allow you to optimise your collection process by managing your debtors’ behaviour. Negotiate with hard facts and quickly bring non-payments in line with your target ranges.

For accountants who are eager to solidify their client relationships and expand their range of service offerings, Interprise Suite offers a wealth of business opportunities. An affordable SME solution that combines the features of accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), point-of-sale and e-commerce, Interprise Suite represents a genuine revolution in business management software.

Interprise Suite takes advantage of new ‘Smart Client’ technology which allows a desktop application to run over the Internet like a secure browser application. The product provides the business connectivity customers want without sacrificing the performance and rich user interface they have come to expect from a desktop application.

The result is a solution that gives businesses the power to operate without boundaries, allowing remote users to work together as if they were all occupying the one office. For businesses that do not need internet connectivity, Interprise Suite can be installed on a local area network just like any other Client/Server application.

One of the outstanding features of Interprise Suite is that it enables accountants to access client data without the need to go on site and visit the customer’s premises. As long as they’re given the necessary security access, accountants can simply log onto their client’s account information over the Internet as if they were there in the office.

Interprise Suite provides business consultants, accountants and software resellers with a business management software option that is more affordable, more functional and less complex than current alternatives while also delivering greater margins.

Caitlin Baker, Director of Gold Coast-based Vogue Business Solutions, is both a user and a reseller of Interprise Suite.

“Interprise Suite is attracting a lot of attention from our small-to-medium sized business clients because it is powerful, affordable and, perhaps most importantly, fully integrated”, Caitlin said. “One of the biggest bugbears for today’s typical business owner is reliance on multiple, often incompatible, databases. Interprise Suite solves this problem by delivering a complete solution that combines all of the most commonly uses business processes together in one easy-to-use solution. No longer do business owners have to spend unnecessary time, money and frustration re-keying and synchronising information.”

Caitlin believes Interprise Suite has enormous potential for accountants, providing them with a toolset that can improve the operating efficiency of their clients’ businesses while opening up new revenue streams for their accounting practices.

“Interprise Suite will be great news for accountants who would like to expand the range of business advisory services that they offer their SME clients”, Caitlin said. “By integrating accounting with CRM and other key business functions, and by enabling authorised service providers to access their client’s data over the Internet, Interprise Suite gives accountants the opportunity to perform a comprehensive health-check of their client’s business. What's more, everything is transparent. As well as helping accountants secure their long-term future with their clients, Interprise Suite provides enormous scope to increase client revenues.”

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Interprise Suite & Evolve Systems Australasia

Interprise Suite was developed from the ground up by US-based Interprise Software Solutions, Inc. In April 2008 Interprise Software Solutions was acquired by Taylor Corporation, a Forbes Private 200 company with over 100 subsidiaries and 14,000 employees worldwide.

In July 2008 Sydney-based Evolve Systems Australasia secured exclusive distribution rights to Interprise Suite. The product is available now for an average price of $2,000.00 per user including support. Multi-user licences are also available. Additionally there is the option to obtain software finance from Evolve Systems Australasia from $30.00 per user per week. For further information on Interprise Suite contact Evolve Systems Australasia on 1300 736 637; email [email protected]; Web:

Floremee Charles
P: 1300 736 637


Against the backdrop of a slowing economy and shrinking profit margins, it’s not surprising that accountants and business consultants are seizing on any opportunity to improve client service and maintain healthy revenues.


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