Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
Most homeowners ask what it will take to sell their property but they don’t really listen. That’s the word from home staging expert Charyn Youngson, who says owners will lose thousands of dollars and drive themselves mad over Christmas by not taking some simple steps to make their home irresistible.

“In my experience, home sellers are their own worst enemy and they sabotage the sale of their properties by failing to meet the buyer’s needs,” she says. “This is the toughest real estate market experienced in years with a record amount of homes on the market and these homes are staying on the market for an average of 120 days or more. That’s four months of week-in, week-out stress of keeping their house in open inspection mode for the average home owner. In short, it’s a buyer’s market so you need to put as much in your favour as possible.”

Charyn says the enormous range of homes on the market give buyers a position of power, because they can simply keep looking until they find the house they want and then drive a hard bargain. She adds that buyers aren’t even putting in low offers on homes that don’t measure up.

“Homes that fail to impress, are getting no offers,” she stresses. “Home sellers are not responding to market conditions. They believe they can just whack their home on the market ‘as is’ with minimal effort and expect to get their asking price. No buyer in their right mind is going to pay top dollar for a home that has poor presentation and no ‘wow’ factor.

“Buyers are not going to part with their hard earned cash in these economic times for any old house. They are seeking perfection. They are not buying a house they are trading up to a new lifestyle and if a house isn’t presented to them in a ‘move in’ ready state with nothing to do but unpack their bags, then home sellers have no hope of getting a favourable deal anytime soon.”

Charyn has been advising and helping home owners for years through her business and, more recently, in her highly sought-after book, Sold For Top Dollar. So what does she tell home sellers who hope to get that “top dollar” for their property?

“I give them the hard cold truth – give the buyers what they want,” she says. “Walk out of your home, put on your buyer’s glasses and look at your home through their eyes. You should make certain your house is presented in the right light for sale and, if you do, you’ll be giving yourself a Christmas present worth thousands of dollars in real terms.

"Invest some time, effort and dollars in presenting your house like a show home because that is the only way to you are going to get sale in this heavily weighted buyer’s market. Show them the lifestyle!"

Charyn Youngson and daughter Kate have been showing buyers the lifestyle for years through their Houses To Impress home staging business, where they present people’s homes in the best possible light at sale time. The result, Charyn says, is that home owners get around 10 per cent extra for their homes – and average increase of $40,000 – by showing buyers the home they want to see.

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