Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
The Internet and other technologies have changed the landscape of business and the dissemination of information. Any traditional business that stands still is likely to fail in today’s marketplace. Many businesses, like newspapers, are attempting to make changes but are still struggling in the highly-competitive market.

If you are attempting to expand or protect your small- or medium-sized business, Sydney Small Business Center may be able to help you develop your Silver Bullet. According to the Centre’s website, the Silver Bullet is “Any straightforward solution perceived to have extreme effectiveness.” The Center provides training and marketing services specifically designed for your company.

Sydney Small Business Center provides on-site and public workshops to develop online marketing programs. If you need a lower-cost method, you can use the company’s “A Blondie Guide” e books and videos. This self-service method covers everything from how to perform your own search engine optimization (SEO), how to target customers and “how to make them an offer they can’t refuse.”

For the busy executive, Sydney Small Business Centre offers “Do It For You” marketing services. The Centre’s team of experts handle the online marketing on your behalf each month.

Sydney Small Business Centre offers an online course entitled, “Talking Brand: How to bring your brand to life.” This course is tailored to your company. It teaches your staff how to represent your brand, what to say and when, and tests their recall. The program also asks them to respond to scenarios. The course requires a one-time investment, and you may use the program for as long as you need it. Each staff member receives his own login and can return to the course whenever he wishes.

A free Silver Bullet email newsletter is available from the Sydney Small Business Centre.

You can download a free white paper entitled, “Puberty Blues: How to Take Your Business From Tiresome Teenager to Young Adult.” The paper discusses government rescue measures, management issues, expanding to the Internet, branding and marketing, additional training and education and services the Centre offers.

The Silver Bullet for Small Business blog, offers free skills and marketing advice.

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