Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Matthews Intelligent Identification has launched iDSnet, its product traceability solution, in the USA, available through Matthews International.

Developed in-house, iDSnet integrates coding and labelling equipment on a production line/s through a server or central PC. The product was launched in the US market at Pack Expo in Chicago, among 1,600 exhibiting companies from more than 110 countries. Matthews’ MD, Lester Nichol, said it sparked a great deal of interest from leading global FMCG manufacturers.

Mr Nichol said the award-winning iDSnet software creates a more streamlined, efficient and quality controlled operation.

“It does this by integrating coding and labelling equipment on a production line/s through a server or central PC. This then delivers a product traceability solution throughout the business.”

He said, “Matthews Intelligent Identification, the Australian leader in coding, labelling and product traceability solutions, has a wide range of technologies including inkjet, laser, thermal transfer overprinting, labelling for applications ranging from simple date-codes to complex codes and logistic labels.

“We saw a gap in the market where a solution was needed to simplify the management of these printers on the production line and to eliminate coding errors.

“Coding and labelling errors cost Australian manufacturers hundreds of thousands of dollars. The idea was to improve visibility of the coding and labelling process and centralise control to ensure the right code was put on the right product, every time.”

The software was completely developed in Australia by Matthews and the current version was launched to the Australian market in 2009. It won the “best new product” award at AUSPACK 2009, and now has an impressive installation base in Australia.

Mark Dingley, manager of Identification Systems at Matthews Intelligent Identification, said, “With the great success in Australia, we thought it was the right time to take our product off-shore.

“We are very encouraged by the feedback we received at Pack Expo and look forward to working with Matthews International to promote our technology in the US market.”


Image: Lester Nichol, MD, Matthews Intelligent Identification 

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Matthews Intelligent Identification

Matthews Intelligent Identification is an Australian leader in coding, labelling and product traceability solutions. Our capabilities range from applying simple alpha-numeric codes by small stand-alone printers, right through to designing and installing networked hardware and software systems for highly sophisticated production and packaging environments for primary and secondary packaging across a wide range of industries.

Matthews is constantly at the forefront of technology. For instance, we are the first (and only) company in Australia to offer Label Printer Applicators for RFID labels. We have significant R&D investments and have developed the award-winning iDSnet (TM) solution. iDSnet solution centralises control to ensure that the correct code, such as a barcode, date code or batch code, is always placed on the correct product at the correct time. By networking all coding and labelling devices back to a central database, product changes are effected down an entire production line with one simple operator action.

Our unmatched solution capability is backed by the 24x7 technical support and customer service to support the installations across the country to provide manufacturing and FMCG businesses with peace of mind. It is streamlined to ensure less downtime for customers and our first-time fix rate is 97%.

No matter what your coding, labelling or data capture application, Matthews is the only company in Australasia that can provide you with a complete range of end-to-end intelligent identification solutions
Phil Biggs, National Sales & Marketing Manager
P: 1800 333 074
M: 0419 130 643
W: www.matthews.com.au

Samantha Schelling, Communications

P: 03 5831 3767
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