Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008
What do you get when you have an industry Christmas function that’s become an institution for 79 years and it’s about to be the last?

That was the sad fact facing the Victorian Travel & Tourism Industry last year in 2007. Since 1929 the annual Travel League Christmas lunch had become an industry legend binding all sections of the Travel & Tourism Industry.

But thanks to three people, Craig Hunt, Matthew Fleming and Barry Huxley, who formed a new "Christmas TraveLeague" venture, Victoria’s popular and high profile travel and tourism industry Christmas luncheon was given a new lease on life to continue.

For the new venture to keep this tradition going, one thing they wanted to do was automate the booking process online. Traditionally this is a very labour intensive area of an event, managing the registrations, taking the payments, issuing the tax invoices, sending reminders, etc.

South Australian InfoTec Communications’ product My Booking Manager was called on to provide the solution. Managing Director Chris Herrmann said, “I saw a copy of last years typical ‘download the form, fill it out and wait by the fax’ registration form. It was clear the new venture wanted this time consuming task changed. The old forms may have worked up to the 90’s but with the need to be more efficient and working to a limited budget, it just doesn’t stack up any more.”

Chris Herrmann was at the Melbourne Crown Palladium with over five hundred travel and tourism people. “There was a real sense of excitement in the room that this institutional event had been saved. For me it was personally very rewarding moment to think that My Booking Manager had played a part in saving this legendary event”

It’s a classic example of how technology really can make a difference. But that’s not often the case. Chris Herrmann knows the challenges all too well. “It’s one of the biggest challenges facing creative technology companies. It takes relatively low capital to build a product, so more often than not it unfortunately can be a product looking for a market. We’ve made our own share of mistakes.”

“However when you get the largest national airlines phone you, which they did about 7 years to help with managing their recruitment candidate booking enquiries, you know it’s a customer driven problem not a product driven one”. It’s in more recent years that their My Booking Manager product evolved from a customised product application per project to the more generic on line registration product today with clients across Australia and in the USA.

The company says it now has a list of new customer initiated suggestions and feedback, that it’s using to finalise plans for the next generation of its My Booking Manager product, planned for release later in 2009. “As more organisations realise the old paper registration form just doesn’t cut it anymore, or the homemade web form is inadequate, we’ve identified a global growth opportunity that we will be pursuing”, says Chris Herrmann. To assist fund the expansion plans the company is seeking investment in the new year.

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My Booking Manager is a product of InfoTec Communications. InfoTec Communications capitalises on the productivity benefits of smart technology to offer businesses solutions that save time, money and offer improved customer service.

InfoTec's innovation and entrepreneurial drive has been recognised over several years through a number of awards. These include the Telstra/ Australian Governments Entrepreneurial and Small Business Awards as well as a national winner in a Secrets of Australian IT Innovations Award competition.
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The Victorian Christmas Travel League function is just one of many organisations in Australian & USA where My Booking Manager is introducing online time saving to event organisers.


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