Friday, December 10th, 2010
On December 5th, Pivot Point Academy Melbourne had the pleasure of preparing 45 models for the Whitehouse Institute of Design Graduation 2010.

Preparing for the event, the excitement and electricity in the corridors was palpable. The Pivot Point team climbed the old original staircase of the Mail Exchange building to the 4th floor. The architecture, state of the art facilities and ambiance of the location set the mood for what was to be an explosion of inspiring new designs in hair and fashion from the creative union between artistic and gifted students from Pivot Point Academy Melbourne and Whitehouse Institute of Design.

Hairspray, elastics, bobby pins!!!

The theme for the hair was “chic and stylish,” with single and multiple pony tails on the models.

Pivot Point students quickly set up a functional working area. A discussion took place and teams were made, utilising each person’s strengths to support each other. Time was of the essence and as a model was being prepared by one student, another was ready to jump in and complete the style. At times several students were working together in teams to execute the finished look.

After hours of relentless concentration, combing, smoothing, securing and finishing the last model was completed.

Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Finally, the show began. As the models stepped on the catwalk, student’s sighs of relief were as audible as the cheering from the delighted crowd.

They were smiles all around and students remained backstage, alternating with the others watching the show. The backstage team was armed with hairspray and bobby pins to ensure that not a hair was out of place after each model’s change.

A celebration at the end of the show with champagne and exotic finger food was appreciated by all for a job well done.

What a fantastic day and night! Roll on graduation 2011.

To view the full picture galleries from the event, visit us on Flickr or Facebook.

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