Friday, December 10th, 2010
History shows that the man of the family was the decision maker when making buying decisions. But did you know that statistics show that 70% of all buying decisions are now made by women?

Whether it be buying clothes, grocery shopping, buying cars or real estate, it is a well known fact that the big influence on these purchases are women.

As these purchasing conditions have changed, have you reviewed and adjusted your business's service levels to adapt?

Many businesses still see the man as the decision maker and tend not to see women of equal value. Although their customer service may be pleasant, I have seen it time and time again where the woman is almost ignored in the transaction and this can have irrefutable damage to the business.

With the prevalence of social media and online forums, your business's name can be tarnished very quickly. Once a customer might tell 5 people about their bad experience. Now, this experi ence can be shared with over 500,000 million people.

The problem is, most businesses don't see their customer service as an imperative part of their business, and do not seem to notice the areas that may need their attention. But we all know that without customers there is no business.

Improvement in your business's customer service skills can show immediate improvement your bottom line and profits, and empower the business to new and soaring heights.

By reviewing your customer service practices regularly, you will create demand for your brand and return loyal and raving fans over and over again.

Women wanted to be treated as equal partners in any buying decision. And expect your business to make them feel important.

Does your business really know what women want?

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