Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
The clock is ticking down to Oprah’s two Australian shows next Tuesday and Mind Gardener is entering the final week of its Meeting of the Minds campaign to achieve a one-on-one interview with the talk show queen herself.

Over the past seven weeks Mind Gardener has been encouraging people to live more mindfully through videos on the campaign website, social media promotion spanning Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs and three degrees of influence where you know someone who has a connection to Oprah and can help achieve the interview.

In planning the Meeting of the Minds campaign, Mind Gardener founders Martina Sheehan and Susan Pearse asked their audience to, “Imagine the impact of reaching millions of people and inspiring them to put just one mindful moment in every day...

• Together we could save the planet
• We could raise a generation that will save each other
• We could all experience the joy of lasting relationships
• We could work in environments that allow us to thrive
• Random acts of kindness would become a normal part of life.”

“The campaign has touched Harpo producers in Chicago, Oprah’s professional organiser Peter Walsh, O Magazine editor, Oprah’s booking agent, Australian celebrity Jamie Durie, national media, Brisbane media (where Mind Gardener is based), Tourism Australia and Queensland and thousands of people on- and offline who have become mind gardeners themselves,” Susan explained.

Meeting of the Minds videos encouraged viewers to:

• Remember life is not about surviving, but thriving
• Get the message mindful people making mindful decisions can change the world
• Think of themselves as mind gardeners and train their brains accordingly
• Give a Christmas gift with meaning by buying a Mind Gardener guide (The Great Relationship Guide, The Living Happy Guide, The Bump to Baby Guide and The Clear Mind Guide), with $1 from every sale donated to OzHarvest to help feed those in need.

Throughout every video and mindful tip Martina and Susan reminded their audience: “Everything you think, learn, see and do changes your mind and your life. By cultivating a healthy mind, you can live with happiness, love, clarity and purpose,” Susan said.

So let this last week of the Meeting of the Minds campaign be a memorable one. If Mind Gardener gets on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Martina and Susan will give the person who made it happen $25,000 and will share their good fortune by donating $1 from every guide sold for the next five years to a charity, foundation or not-for-profit nominated by the public.

Even if Mind Gardner is not featured on the Australian Oprah shows, Martina and Susan have got a message to share that can help Oprah’s cause, “Living your best life”, and will pursue opportunities to share this when she launches her 24/7 cable network in January.

Martina and Susan created the Mind Gardener guides by drawing on emerging brain research and translating it into simple, practical and relevant activities that people can put into action every moment of their life.

They were inspired to develop the guides when they sponsored the US-based Mind & Life Institute at the Investigating the Mind conferences in 2003 and 2005. Martina and Susan met His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet at the 2003 conference – another great meeting of minds.

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• Mind Gardener is an Australian initiative that brings together a series of resources that contain information, ideas, exercises and tips that guide growth and help people flourish in life.
• Founders Martina Sheehan and Susan Pearse think differently and have had successful corporate careers in their consulting company, Reinvention.
• Since 2000 Martina and Susan have helped people to lead meaningful lives through speaking engagements and the Mind Gardener guides.
• They studied philosophy, science, anthropology and neuroscience, as well as practicing techniques for training minds and developed their principles and techniques into products for businesses, leaders, teams, children, parents, educators and the general public.
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