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For travelling, one of the first things to consider is the luggage. The type and size of the bags, totes, etc must match with the amount of goods needed to carry with each person who is travelling. The destination, length of the stay, purpose, and the kinds of events to be attended on the trip will help to dictate how much clothing is needed to pack. There are many and very practical travel bags and luggage in which to pack essentials for the journey.

When travelling by aeroplane especially it is important to travel with as small a travel bag as is possible, but there are provisions for larger luggage as needed. There are a number practical and different types of travel bags. Examples are as follows:

Generally made of canvas, duffle bags come in a variety of sizes and can be easily carried over the shoulder and the smaller ones can be slung under the seat of the aeroplane.

Overnight bags can be canvas, but are made of many different fabrics, materials, and leathers. Many such travel bags are designer styled.

Travel Tote
These are usually satchel type bags that are made of canvas or other materials and are most often fitted with a shoulder strap as well as the handles for the hands.


These are flatter bags where clothing on hangers can be carefully packed to avoid too much wrinkling.

Two of the most common luggage types are as follows:

Carry On
These would be luggage of canvas, leather or vinyl that are small enough to carry onto the aeroplane to be stored in the over-head storage spaces.

Check In
Check in luggage is too large to carry into the aeroplane. These pieces are also constructed of durable materials and come in several design styles.

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