Thursday, June 16th, 2016

The Australian Islamic Mission (Victoria) has welcomed the news that the High Court of Australia has today dismissed the 6th appeal by opponents of the Bendigo Mosque.

AIM is delighted by this land mark decision. We welcome the court ruling and are humbled by the amount of support we have received from the wider Australian community. Bendigo has again upheld its identity as a diverse, inclusive and welcoming community.

We want this mosque to be an icon for community diversity and a celebration of its solidarity. We want to move on and use this experience to build stronger relations with the wider community in Bendigo.

AIM takes this opportunity to express its sincere gratitude and appreciation to our legal team (Best Hooper Lawyers), the local Bendigo community, the ‘Believe in Bendigo’ community group, the Council of City of Greater Bendigo and all our supporters throughout this process.

AIM Vice-President, Mohammad Helmy, commented on the ruling stating: “This is a day when all Australians reiterate that we, collectively, are a tolerant and inclusive society. We would like to see this mosque become an icon of Bendigo’s diversity and inclusiveness.” He further added, “We are incredibly thankful to all our supporters from all walks of life through what was a long and difficult ordeal that has now ended. We thank them all immensely.”

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