Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
Solar Panel Free Quotes ( http://www.solarpanelfreequotes.com.au ) has officially launched its new solar panel quoting website for Australian homeowners and businesses. The website is a quoting engine that will give consumers three quotes from local, accredited solar panel installers.

How does Solar Panel Free Quotes Helps Consumers?
The newly launched website has lots of as well as general advice on solar energy and solar panels to help visitors understand the products, answer objections and cut through some of the initial hassle in the installation process.

Solar Panel Free Quotes founder David Boyd is leading the launch of the online solar business and says, "Homeowners and growing numbers of businesses are figuring out that by installing solar panels they can utilise all the sunshine that hits their rooftops everyday to make immediate savings on power bills and do their bit to improve the environment by reducing the nation's reliance on fossil fuels. There's still good rebates and feed-in tariffs from state and federal governments to help offset the upfront costs and incentivise the future rollout of solar panels. And with our free service homeowners can make the quoting stage that bit easier, safer and faster by getting 3 quotes from local accredited solar panel installers."

Getting quotes for major home improvements such as swimming pools, landscaping and building projects tends to be time consuming and is sometimes complicated. The benefit that Solar Panel Free Quotes provides is the ease of getting the ball rolling by filling in our short and simple, online quote form.

The Solar Panel Free Quotes website can get multiple quotes from local solar panel installers who service the area of the homeowner or business owner based on their installation address, project type and a few specifics. By getting three quotes instead of one, consumers expand their choices for solar panel brands and recommended setups, protect themselves from unaccredited installers and put themselves in the drivers seat for selecting the best quote for price and value.

Five Fast Facts about Solar Energy and Solar Panels:
  • On average Australia gets 340 sunny days per year. In fact, Australia could power the whole world's energy demands for about 6 months if sunlight from just one summer's day could be harnessed

  • The average daily consumption of energy for a three bedroom home in Australia is between the range of 12kWh and 16kWh.

  • By installing a solar panel array on a rooftop homeowners can reduce their energy bills to $0 and even make money by exporting excess energy into the grid.

  • There are 160 fossil-fuel power stations in operation across Australia.

  • Current estimates predict that 40% of the world's energy will come from renewable sources include solar energy by 2040.

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