Saturday, December 4th, 2010
Anywhere you travel, head in for relaxing night rests and take with you the anti bed bugs™-sheet. Pack it in your travel luggage bags and give bloodsucking crawling bugs no chance at all! 7flies, an innovative company in Berlin is offering a self-protective solution for the travel concern of "bed bugs".

Already taken over New York and other major cities, bed bugs are spreading out even further by finding entirely new territories mainly due to tourism. In Germany for example, the 2006 World Cup presented itself as a major contributor to the increase in bed bug population and now many other European countries, the United States, Australia and Africa are just as affected.

Bed bug bites can trigger an agonizing itching sensation, something hard to think about when looking for a comfortable quiet night sleep in unknown hotel beds. Some hotels have fitted mattresses with chemical-free encasings, keeping away only the bed bugs that have already taken over the bed area. "Newcomer" bugs nevertheless are not stopped with a simple encasing.

So protect yourself! There are high-impact self-protecting solutions to guard yourself in any journey from insect bites. The slightest effort you do with the anti bed bugs™-sheet from 7flies, is to simply place it on the bed at night before heading to sleep. "These hungry bed bugs simply crawl out of from their hiding places in the dark but are disappointedly held back" Hannah Schulz, Executive Director of 7flies said.

With an active ingredient successfully applied and chemically incorporated into the fiber, a durable and bed bug resistant sheet keeps the human organism and the environment from harm. The preparation of the material used for the sheet is an innovative product developed by 7flies, and for decades the active chemical substance has been used for insect repellent purposes. The material has also been awarded the label "Öko-Tex Standard 100" a standard jointly developed by two Austrian and German Textile Research Institutes.

“Feel for insects, since just the bugs mere contact with the sensors is like touching a burning hotplate." said Eva Scholl, pest biologist and area expert on bedbugs and of the material of the anti bed bugs™-sheet.

The easy-care (at 60 ° C washable and tumble dry) and durable sheet is one for every bag, because the bugs are back! - and even in the best hotels. The secure feeling of not being "taken over" at night ensures you a peaceful restful sleep and a relaxing stay.

Overall protected sleep, with the anti bed bugs™-sheet!

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