Friday, December 17th, 2010

One of the most productive video production houses in Australia has just outgrown its history of being known as Young Australia Productions.

With the injection of new management and new blood, the video production company that began back in 2005 as the stepping stone for local filmmakers, has matured quickly to sport the new name and persona of “MAD Australia Productions”

The CEO of Young Australia, Mr Dale Ross, has retained technical and production control of Mad Australia while accommodating the new creative director and CEO of Mad Australia, Mr Craig Douglas.

“So why MAD Australia Productions? Well the seduction of madness is just so great that we have all succumbed to it,” explains Mr Douglas. “We make no reference to age or youth, but sanity is another thing altogether. We’re artists – and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we just enjoy what we do so we’re MAD!”

“We’ve changed everything from the workflow through to the way we attract and sustain business – dramatically,” claims Mr Douglas, the ompany's chief comedic talent, “and in the first 12 months of Mad Australia we anticipate completing more than 500 productions.”

That schedule is on target with the company wrapping up more than 80 productions in the first two months.

“The madness of our approach is that we base all our client relationships on friendship,” explained Mr Douglas, “we don’t ask anyone to sign contracts, preferring people stay with us because they’re happy with what we do rather than out of fear of litigation should they choose to leave. We only want customers who are excited to have us working for them.

“That enthusiasm is infectious and, for the client, has resulted in great sales responses.

“The final ‘mad’ indicator is that we offer a money back guarantee if the client is prepared to go along for the ride. If they don’t like what we produce, it costs them nothing.”

CAPTION: Director Dale Ross (left) and new partner and comedic talent Craig Douglas in character as Sgt Jinni.

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Mad Australia Productions is the busiest video production house in the country specialising in humorous television commercials and quality event documentaries. It is also the home of the eMEs.
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