Thursday, December 9th, 2010
Adelaide photographer Matt Carty is looking for tattooed people to photograph. The adventurous commercial and former press photographer is bowing to the artist within and feeding his own passion for tattoos by holding an exhibition with a working title of Tattooed Too early next year.

“My question is, are you tattooed too?” asks Matt who himself sports a modest piece of body art.

“My tattoo obsession started when, as a boy, I saw the movie Escape from New York and the lead character Snake Plissken played by Kurt Russell had a tattoo of a cobra on his stomach,” said Matt, "I thought it looked cool and it triggered an empathy for decorated skin that continues to this day.

“I think of tattoos as an expression, like music or photography that shows a great deal about a person from the little trendy designer tatt to a full sleeve or torso piece, whether it was chosen off the board on a tattoo parlour wall or custom designed, it all adds to the personality of the person on whom it is printed.

"Who they are shines through their artwork. Tattoos are also biographical, the meaning and emotion behind the tattoo is very relevant to the person being tattooed. People get tattoos in honour of their friends and family who have died or to represent a significant event in their lives. Every time they see the tattoo it is a reminder of that event or person.

“Alternatively, maybe the tattoo doesn’t have a deep meaning to it, and maybe it’s just something they think looks cool, even then it can still act as a biographical detail as everyone will remember where they were and what they were doing with their lives when they got their tattoos.

“Apart from all the artistic expression stuff I just think they look cool!”

If you would like your tattoo photographed for the exhibition Tattooed Too, contact Matt here and he’ll make a time for you to come into his studio or, if you are important enough (think Angelina Jolie) he’ll come to you for the shoot.

High-res photographs available:

CAPTION: Kitten and her body art photographed by Matt Carty

CAPTION: Self portrait of photographer Matt Carty

CAPTION:  Zoe strikes a pose for photographer Matt Carty

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