Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Arkadia Studios is pleased to reveal that David Storey, one of Entropia Universe’s largest private landowners, is among the first round of investors in Arkadia Studio’s project, Planet Arkadia.

Known in the virtual world as Zachurm “Deathifier” Emegen, David created the Guinness World Record category for the Most Valuable Virtual Item in 2004 when he purchased Treasure Island on Planet Calypso. But he hasn’t stopped there.

“Since then,” says Storey, “I have steadily expanded my virtual property portfolio such that it now encompasses a diverse assortment of creatures and locations.”
“When Arkadia Studios showed me their concepts and plans for Planet Arkadia I was highly impressed by their vision and enthusiasm for building this fantastic new virtual Treasure Hunting planet,” he says. “They are really creating an immersive and engaging entertainment experience.”

"The name ‘Deathifier’ is very well known throughout Virtual Worlds, particularly Entropia Universe,” says the CEO of Arkadia Studios, David Dobson. “We are very excited to have David on board as an investor. It is great to be backed by someone who fully understands the business we are in and who shares our vision."

Planet Arkadia is currently in development and is set to launch within the first half of 2011. People will be able to explore environments inspired by concept art from the renowned artist Feng Zhu whilst hunting for treasure amongst ancient ruins.

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