Monday, December 27th, 2010
AxiomCoders just released FB Limiter application used to block facebook or to block youtube. It can block access to facebook during specific times in a week, or completely block access. It is recommended for small company owners, educational institutions, students, parents and everyone else who wants simplest way to forbid facebook or youtube on his computer.

FB Limiter comes with simple installation, easy to use interface and it is password protected so nobody can use it without proper authentication. Users are in position to limit access to mentioned web sites, if not completely, just to one hour a day for example and all major proxies that enable reaching facebook or youtube sites will be, also, blocked. It comes also with different ways to block access to facebook and youtube that includes:
- Normal lock feature that allows to block facebook and youtube by using on/off switch
- Time lock feature with half an hour precision for time blocking
- Total lock feature that enables to block this mentioned sites for specific time duration without chance to unblock it during that period

FB Limiter comes with fully functional 7 days trial and it is available to download here:

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