Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

The BubBE Book and its accompanying website www.BubBornEarly.com.au have been created to provide a source of information, inspiration, guidance and hope for the family and friends of Bubs Born Early, a.k.a BubBE’s.

The BubBE Book is essentially a journal in which all of the unique experiences that come with being born, or having a child, prematurely can be recorded. The author of the book, Ms Natasha Bowden, is the mother of a now 2 year old boy who was born at just 23 weeks 5 days gestation. She says "I have drawn on my own experiences of the NICU to create the baby book I wished I had during my son's 5 1/2 months in hospital!"

Research undertaken on the availability of such a book showed that there were only a few in existence that truly catered for the experiences of premature birth and of those, most were produced in America. Of the one or two that were Australian made, none were readily available for purchase outside of a restricted number of locations.

The BubBE Book contains over 115 pages on which to record information relating to the pregnancy, birth and child’s time in the NICU, has ample space for completing a day-to-day journal of a families time in the NICU and includes space for mementos from the child's journey (such as foot and hand prints, photos and ID bracelet). The book and website both contain tips for the NICU journey, an NICU glossary of terms, a list of premature baby support, clothing and nappy websites in Australia, New Zealand, U.S and U.K. and much, much more!

The Bub Born Early website also contains a large selection of stories from the parents of premature babies born early for a multitude of different reasons and visitors to the site are encouraged to submit their own stories for publication (visit www.BubBornEarly.com.au/The_BubBE_Book.php for more details).

The availability of the book for purchase via the website means that it is accessible to people all over Australia, New Zealand…the entire world!

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Bub Born Early - Home of The BubBE Book

The Bub Born Early company was created to provide easily accessible information about premature babies to people around the world via a website and a 'baby book' specifically designed to cater to a premature child's time in the Neonatal ICU.
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A unique book and website have been created to cater to families who find themselves suddenly immersed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of their maternity hospital after the birth of a baby prematurely.


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