Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
Australia’s largest solar power provider, Solar Shop Australia, has called on the solar industry to stand on its own two feet following the Federal Government’s announcement today that the solar credits multiplier would be reduced effective 1 July 2011.

The generous scheme is set to be phased out completely by 2014, with incremental reductions taking place over the coming four years.

Solar Shop Australia Chief Executive Officer, Tony Thornton, says while consumers will face higher upfront costs when installing solar power on their homes, the long-term financial and environmental benefits still stack up with or without government incentives.

“We’ve already seen the Federal Government pull the $8,000 rebate in June last year and just last month the New South Wales Government significantly reduced its feed-in tariff so there’s a lot of change taking place at the moment,” said Mr Thornton.

“While the Government incentives have been a fantastic way to introduce thousands of Australians to solar power, the time has now come for the solar industry to begin the migration to survival without relying on such lures.

“This has always been the plan and it is reassuring to see the transition beginning to happen and in an orderly fashion.”

Mr Thornton emphasised that the changes to the Solar Credits scheme were not unexpected.

“Solar Shop Australia warned a Senate Committee earlier this year that the Solar Credits scheme was too generous and changes were required to avoid a ‘boom or bust’ situation,” Mr Thornton said.

“With the changes outlined today, the reduction of the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) multiplier will increase the average upfront cost of a solar power system by around $1,200 by 1 July 2011 depending on where you live.

“Customers wanting to ensure they are eligible for the current Solar Credits Scheme will need to purchase their solar power system by March 2011 to allow time for the installation to be completed and the RECs lodged by the 1 July 2011 deadline.

“Despite this, there are measures in place to prevent customers from being impacted, including our Sunworks finance package which allows people to pay for their solar system as they go with no upfront cost.”

Government incentives aside, Mr Thornton said investing in a solar power system is now more affordable than it was 18 months ago and there are still enormous financial and environmental benefits to be gained, particularly in light of the skyrocketing electricity prices.

“The peak amount of power produced by a 3 kilowatt Solar Shop Australia system – large enough to cover an average household’s electricity bill - is over 16 kilowatt hours per day during the summer months (an average of 12 kilowatt hours a day over the entire year),” Mr Thornton said.

“Depending on the unit’s size and production, installing a grid connect solar power system can save homeowners as much as $70,000 over its lifetime - a significant saving.”

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