Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Formally known as Fiberbyte, the Adelaide-based technology innovation company has recently been re-launched under the new name ChronoLogic Pty Ltd. The new name more accurately reflects ChronoLogic’s position as a company that is devoted to providing the world’s best precision timing systems in a universal distributed platform.

Under the new name of ChronoLogic, the company will continue to develop its patented USB-inSync technology, which leverages the plug-n-play distributed nature of USB to reduce the cost of precision timing infrastructure and offer unique, customisable and cost-effective solutions for today's most demanding instrumentation applications.

USB-inSync is a revolutionary technology which adds highly accurate timing and synchronization to the already powerful Universal Serial Bus (USB). While preserving all the features of USB, the enhanced capability of USB-inSync enables new applications and solutions never before possible. These advances open up a new world of possibilities in the development of synchronized systems for PC-based distributed test and measurement, data acquisition, automation and manufacturing applications.

USB-inSync is a platform that offers the synchronous and deterministic accuracy of rack-based systems such as PXI but in a distributed, PC-based format. ChronoLogic has succeeded in transforming the USB into a synchronous instrumentation bus capable of synchronously triggering and controlling over 100 devices.

USB-inSync devices can be operated in a deterministic manner with an event triggering temporal resolution of better than 1 nanosecond, regardless of their position within the distributed system. There are numerous test and measurement applications which can benefit from the simplicity, reliability, and cost savings that ChronoLogic's USB-inSync technology offers.

ChronoLogic has been re-launched with an expanded product range that now includes:

  • Master Timing Hubs – USB Timing Hubs that allow users to expand their test & measurement or automation setup whilst maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and synchronization.
  • Universal Timing Devices – USB devices that allow users to design and perform an unlimited range of synchronous timing, triggering and controlling applications. Available with either BNC or RJ45 connectors.
  • Data Acquisition – The DAQ-2500X; a truly multifunction, 16 bit USB DAQ module with fast sampling rates and class leading specifications.
  • Signal Conditioning Units – ChronoLogic’s Sonda Signal Conditional Units allow users to synchronize distributed I/O over a 100m radius to within 2.5 nanoseconds.
  • Software - To provide flexibility and easy control, all ChronoLogic products are supplied with ChronoLogic’s Control Center software platform, complete with a simple to use Graphical User Interface (GUI). For advanced users, access to extended low-level device functionality is available through a COM Server. This enables interfacing through Windows based software applications. Additional National Instruments LabVIEW device drivers are available so that USB-inSync devices can be quickly implemented within an existing test environment.

ChronoLogic is also accelerating its product development program, in order to build its family of synchronous instrumentation products. As part of this program, they are developing new technology to address the long-standing issue of poor inter-operability between instrumentation platforms. ChronoLogic is currently developing cross-platform synchronization technology that will provide users with connectivity and synchronization across a range of instrumentation platforms. Based on the same core technology that drives their USB-inSync modules, this new cross-platform technology will provide unprecedented interoperability between a variety of instrumentation standards, including LXI, PXI and USB.

This technology will provide users with the ability to utilise their existing test equipment in conjunction with ChronoLogic’s distributed and user-friendly USB-inSync™ modules in a synchronized setup that can be easily customised to suit a virtually unlimited number of applications.

ChronoLogic is seeking to expand their global distribution network in the coming months. Please Contact Dr Marcus Belder for Distribution Enquiries.

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ChronoLogic is a subsidiary of Silex Systems (ASX: SLX), one of Australia’s premier technology companies. All of ChronoLogic’s business operations are conducted from their head office in Adelaide, South Australia.

ChronoLogic is devoted to providing the world’s best precision timing systems in a universal distributed platform, and is focused solely on developing precision synchronized USB Modules for the Test & Measurement and Process Automation markets.

Dr Peter Foster, Chief Technology Officer
P: 0884105955
M: 0409287985
W: www.chronologic.com.au

Dr Marcus Belder, VP - Marketing

P: 0884105955
M: 0414725082
W: www.chronologic.com.au


ChronoLogic launches new synchronized USB Test & Measurement products.


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