Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

Spatial business intelligence company Integeo has won first prize in the national IT Secrets Innovation awards for its Map Intelligence rapid application development platform.
Map Intelligence cuts the time, cost and technical challenge of developing web-based GIS applications. The product enables corporations and governments to add dynamic mapping capabilities and a whole range of visualizations to Business Intelligence systems and even the humble Excel spreadsheet.
The result is a dramatic increase in the value of their investment in both BI and mapping systems. In one case, a city police force has cut crime by 50 percent in six months using Map Intelligence to track crime locations, criminal profiles and modus operandi.
Integeo CEO Peter Rossiter said that Map Intelligence helps both businesses and governments faced with the need for timely analysis of data in the context of location.
In the public sector, theres a growing expectation that governments will respond quickly to provide citizens with both emergency and day to day services, Mr Rossiter said. An important part of that is being able to identify the `where alongside the `why.
For businesses, the `where is often part of identifying competitive advantages. Our customers are using Map Intelligence to do everything from reducing crime rates to improving childcare services and managing property portfolios.
Map Intelligence users need very little training to create enhanced visualizations using different kinds of data such as topology, roads and key buildings, census and demographic information. They can quickly access web-based information and integrate it with the analytical capabilities of digital dashboards and Excel spreadsheets. Users can switch from the map view to the dashboard view in an instant.
Further layers can be added using web services to pull in satellite images, weather data, flood data, and so on.
The result is a level of analysis previously unavailable without a significant programming effort, Mr Rossiter said.
In the US, we are progressing sales with large financial institutions who need to analyze customer bases by location, and emergency aid agencies looking for more efficient ways to manage the aftermath of natural disasters and acts of terror.
In a national emergency, the benefits of rapid deployment of geospatial applications become much more evident to everyone.

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