Wednesday, December 1st, 2010
  • PiCRM hosted software for small businesses of 1 to 85 employees launched this month
  • Unique new pricing model eliminates “per user” licensing fees – ideal for SMBs and part time employees
  • Linked to external databases for fast, accurate data entry – e.g. databases of registered companies, street addresses
  • Designed for ease of use, with little or no training required

PiCRM Software Pty Ltd announced today that it has launched new hosted CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for small businesses.

The licensing model for PiCRM eliminates “per user” fees, one of the complaints about CRM software most frequently mentioned by small businesses.

CEO Troy Netreba said, “Our small business clients often tell us that they hate being charged up to $150 per user per month for every single person who needs access to their CRM. Many small businesses have part-time users, for example the bookkeeper who works 1 day per week, the manager who only wants to check reports occasionally, salespeople who are out of the office all day and log on only in the morning or evenings”.

“We decided to eliminate that problem for our clients by allowing them to set up an unlimited number of users for the same flat fee. Everyone who needs occasional access to the CRM can have their own login and it doesn’t cost any extra”.

In a radical departure from normal software licensing models, PiCRM pricing is based upon the number of concurrent users – the number of people logged in simultaneously.

PiCRM is completely free for small businesses with fewer than 500 contacts and 3 concurrent users. A larger database of up to 4,000 contacts and 10 concurrent users is only $77 per month.

Contact Profile

PiCRM Software Pty Ltd

PiCRM Software (Pronounced “Pie CRM”) was launched to commercialise an innovating new CRM software product. Many aspects of the product are very different to other CRM software, from the programming language used and software architecture, to the licensing model and integration with outside databases.

For example, PiCRM is linked to the ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) database of Australian companies and this information is used to auto-complete details when a user is adding a new organisation to their PiCRM database. Full registered address and ABN/ACN details are imported in Pi from ASIC as the record is saved.

In the same way, integration with a database of Australian street addresses ensures that the entry of addresses is both fast & accurate. More external databases are being connected regularly, all with the goal of putting the maximum amount of information at the fingertips of PiCRM users.
Ken Wood
P: +61 416 203 630


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