Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
South Australia’s largest tourism and transport company SeaLink Travel Group has switched to a bio-diesel fuel to power one of its two ferries that operate between the mainland and Kangaroo Island.

The SeaLion 2000 ferry is using a fuel mix known as B20 that contains 20% biodiesel, saving around 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

SeaLink’s Chief Executive, Mr Jeff Ellison, said the SeaLion 2000 had been trialing B20 in one of its two engines for the last six months and the decision had now been made to run the vessel entirely on the biofuel blend.

“B20 is the highest blend of bio and mineral diesel that can be used while still meeting Australian diesel standards and enabling us to receive the diesel fuel rebate that applies to businesses,” he said.

“The blend costs the same as normal fuel, but enables us to reduce carbon emissions by about 23%.

The trials have convinced us that the change can be made without affecting the engines or their performance, with the added bonus of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The biodiesel component of the fuel is made by the company Australian Renewable Fuels at its Largs Bay processing plant.

It is produced by processing waste tallow (animal fats) and cooking oils.

SeaLink uses 1.2 million litres of diesel a year to run its two ferries and its fleet of coaches and 4WD’s.

Mr Ellison said SeaLink’s second ferry, the Spirit of Kangaroo Island, was refueled on Kangaroo Island and could not use the biodiesel fuel at the moment.

However investigations were being undertaken to see how this can be achieved.

“SeaLink takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and looks to make whatever emissions savings it can,” Mr Ellison said. “This is just another part of that process.”

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STG is also a major provider of packaged holidays, accommodation and coach tours highlighting the diversity of Kangaroo Island.
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