Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
The exclusive partnership of Magshop and Coles affords consumers the opportunity to buy $30, $50 and $100 magazine gift cards at checkout redeemable with a few clicks of the mouse for a selection of over 600 premier titles.

A magazine subscription is the ideal Christmas gift for everybody on anyone’s list. Just in time for holiday shopping, Magshop announces the availability of magazine subscription gift cards exclusively at all Coles Supermarkets nationwide.

This special teaming of one-stop website and Australian supermarket institution provides the flexibility and convenience of gift card giving. Magshop magazine subscription gift cards can be found at all Coles checkout stations amongst the most popular and favourite Australian magazines.

As Australia’s premier online magazine subscription store, Magshop understands the stress of buying the right gift for the right person in a timely fashion can take all the cheer out of yuletide giving. Whether a Kris Kringle gift, Secret Santa surprise or proper present, it can be a challenge to keep a Christmas list current and chase down those last-minute additions.

Freedom of Choice
During the always-hectic holiday season, how easy is it to end up in the checkout line, burdened with purchases, only to remember Aunt Betty, or Uncle Bruce, or the guy in accounting who expedited that travel reimbursement in July?

Not all gifts are created the same, which is why Magshop gift cards are available in $30, $50 and $100 denominations to fit snugly in any gifting budget. Stock up while checking out at Coles to save both time and footsteps—both of which are at a premium during the pre-holiday rush. The recipient simply logs on to magshop.com.au to redeem the available credit on their gift card.

Best of all, the Magshop gift card allows that special recipient the flexibility to choose the magazine or magazines they want. With over 600 titles to choose from, the savvy giver can rest assured Aunt Betty will get her Australian Women’s Weekly fix, Uncle Bruce can enable his inner revhead with Top Gear and the guy in accounting… Well, he’s bound to find a magazine devoted to whatever it is he likes. From the Australian Yoga Journal to ProPhoto Magazine, selection won’t be a problem.

Peace of Mind
Magshop is the home of Australia’s leading publisher ACP Magazines, as well as a host of other publishers. At magshop.com.au you will find some of the most popular and successful magazines in the country, including Woman’s Day, Dolly, Cosmopolitan, Madison, Money, Australian House & Garden, FHM and Wheels. With such a huge selection, there’s a magazine to suit all tastes, hobbies and interests.

Since George Coles opened his first variety store in 1914, the supermarket that still bears his name has been a highly regarded cherished part of Australian life. Today Coles is a leader in Australian food retailing, with more than 100,000 employees and 11 million transactions a week in over 700 stores nationwide.

Together, Magshop and Coles Supermarkets have devised an unbeatable solution to the dilemma of convenient last-minute holiday shopping guaranteed to please those special someones.

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