Friday, June 10th, 2016

International women’s climate movement 1 Million Women is creating an app to turn millions of women around the world into everyday climate activists. 

1 Million Women's innovative app will give women two crucial elements for leading transformation in their own homes and communities: a plan on how to live a low-carbon life, and the tools to transition to this lifestyle.

With an estimated 17% of all global carbon pollution emissions contributing to climate change coming from our homes, lifestyle change is essential to solving the climate crisis.

The app will focus on cutting carbon pollution in key areas of daily living: home energy savings and clean energy options, minimising food waste, reducing over-consumption, wise investing and divesting of your money, sustainable fashion, low-impact travel, and much more.

It provides users with daily climate actions and makes it easy for them to track how much carbon pollution they’ve individually saved. It will mobilise women all over the world to be game-changers through their daily choices.

“Sweeping lifestyle change is crucial to limit global warming to below 1.5C degrees,” says 1 Million Women founder Natalie Isaacs. 

“That’s why 1 Million Women is on a mission to be a global organisation mobilising millions of women to be everyday climate activists.” 

By putting climate activism in people's pockets, the app will help 1 Million Women to create an international community leading climate action. 

1 Million Women hopes to raise $30,000 to build the app through a crowdfunding campaign. The app will to be ready in the second half of 2016 and developed in multiple languages, speeding up its 'go global' trajectory. 

1 Million Women invites people to support their Start Some Good crowdfunding campaign running until Tuesday 7th July. 

Crowdfunding link:

1 Million Women founder Natalie Isaacs is available for interview. 

For media inquiries, please contact Bronte Hogarth - [email protected] or Bindi Donnelly [email protected]02 9264 9616 

1 Million Women is a not-for-profit founded in 2009. We are creating a mass movement of women globally who are profoundly changing their lives to fight the climate crisis. We reach millions of women every week, and we have received a United Nations award for the work we do.  


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1 Million Women

1 Million Women is an internationally celebrated community organisation that was awarded by the UN in 2013. There is no other organisation like ours in the world. 1 Million Women is not just our name, it's our goal. We're building a movement of strong, inspirational women acting on climate change through the way that we live. Already 450,000+ have joined us.

Bronte Hogarth
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1 Million Women

Natalie Isaacs
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