Monday, November 29th, 2010
ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, 29 November 2010 – SolveIT Software Pty Ltd, a leading provider of enterprise software for supply & demand optimisation and predictive modelling, announced today that it has signed a contract with Hills Industries for the deployment of SolveIT Software’s Supply Chain Network Optimisation (SCNO) system. The application will be configured for optimising the distribution of water tanks within the Hills Industries-owned Team Poly business. The project follows a supply chain review carried out by SolveIT Software, which focused on creating a step-change in performance through process improvements and software for optimising tactical and strategic decisions.

The Team Poly business has been manufacturing quality water tanks since 1990, and have produced and distributed close to 1 million tanks throughout Australia in their 18 years of operation. Team Poly water tanks are available throughout Australia in over 1,700 retail outlets – including water irrigation/ tank specialists, rural and urban hardware stores and garden and landscaping outlets. For more information, please visit

“Given all the variables, business rules, and constraints that impact distribution decisions in our Team Poly operation, complexity is a given,” said Mr Ric Gros, Group General Manager, Hills Industries. "With their leading-edge applications for planning & scheduling optimisation and world-class experts in the area of supply chain management, we found SolveIT Software best placed to handle the complexities of our logistics operation."

SolveIT Software's Supply Chain Network Optimiser (SCNO) is a whole- of- supply- chain system capable of managing and optimising tactical, operational, and strategic supply chain activities. Based on proprietary platforms for advanced non-linear optimisation, prediction, and what-if analysis, SolveIT Software's SCNO system can facilitate the planning, scheduling, and optimisation of multi-site sourcing, production, storage, logistics, and distribution activities. In addition to providing increased supply chain visibility and reduced data handling, the SCNO system will be used by Hills Industries to optimise fleet utilisation, decrease lead times, improve customer service levels, and reduce carbon footprint across the business.

Hills Industries is a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of home and hardware, electronic security and entertainment, and building and industrial products. Founded in 1946, the company today has turnover in excess of $1 billion and employs more than 2800 people nationwide. For more information, please visit

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