Saturday, November 27th, 2010
They’ve been mates for over 12 years, and though they tread different paths in life their careers and passions often intersect.

“Good Friends” Adam Brand and Wade Aunger share a profound love of Speedway Racing, amongst many other things.

From humble beginnings when they first met back in 1998 at the Parramatta City Raceway, Adam Brand has gone on to become one of Australian Country Music’s most explosive talents with a truckload of Golden Guitars at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and four consecutive CMC Awards for “Artist of the Year”.

Aunger, best known for his motor racing commentary across Speedway, V8 Utes, Monster Trucks, Powerboats and anything else going fast, has collaborated on three Adam Brand tunes over the last decade.

“It’s not singing,” laughs Aunger, “what I do is NOT singing. Adam sings, I talk loudly at various points in the music.”

For the last six months Brand has been living the dream in the USA as a Sony Arista signed artist as the record label shops him from one side of the country to the other using a storm of live radio and venue performances.

In February 2011 he’ll release his first USA album.

It’s make or break time for what could become a stellar international career.

For now though, Ad’s returning to Oz for his “Comin Home” tour across Australia with a gruelling schedule of dates and locations – much to the delight of his adoring fans.

Despite his rigorous schedule, Brand has agreed to sit down for an hour (a rare feat for this human locomotive) with his old mate Aunger on a very special edition of “Thursday Thunder” for a look back on Adam’s stunning career so far and his plans for the future in the USA and Australia.

The one-hour live to the internet TV show will show a wide variety of Adam’s video clips and an in-depth one on one chat between Brand and Aunger on Thursday, December 9.

Not many people outside Brand’s immediate family know him as well as Aunger.

Typical of Brand’s hectic life and schedule, this internet TV appearance is only two hours before he performs across the other side of the city of Adelaide at the Norwood Hotel where Aunger hopes to join his buddy on-stage for “Dirt Track Cowboys” – the song the duo turned into an Australian Speedway anthem.

A very limited number of seats are available in the studio audience at Thursday Thunder for what will no doubt be a personal, at times comical insight into the life of a tremendous performer and a much-loved member of the Australian Country Music industry.

Thursday Thunder is recorded and broadcast in Hindmarsh South Australia.

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