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Hematology is the branch of medicine which deals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of blood-related disorders. It diagnoses issues related to white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, bone marrow, and lymph nodes. Hematology also deals with the liquid portion of blood known as plasma. Some blood-associated diseases are anemia, leukemia, myelofibrosis, blood transfusion, malignant lymphomas, and bone marrow stem cell transplantation. Hematology analyzers, coagulation analyzers, flow cytometers, and slide strainers are some of the hematologic instruments used to analyze blood and blood-related disorders. Hematology analyzers are highly specialized instruments used to count the number of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. Hematology analyzers are made up of multiple analytical modules with unique sample preparation processes. They assist in the diagnosis of various diseases, such as infections, anemia, viruses, diabetes, genetic problems, and cancer. It also regulates plasma drug level for both therapeutic and illicit drugs. Fully automated hematology analyzers and semi-automated analyzers are the two types of hematology analyzer available based on the type of automation. Fatigue, pale skin, and shortness of breath with exertion are some of the common symptoms of blood disorders. Clinical testing laboratories, hospitals, and research institutions are some of the users of hematology analyzers and reagents.

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Currently, North America dominates the global hematology analyzer & reagent market, followed by Europe. This is due to the regions’ high disposable income and increasing adoption of automated hematology instruments by diagnostics laboratories in these regions. Asia is expected to be the fastest growing market in the next five years. This is due to the developing healthcare infrastructure and increasing funding towards the development of hematology products in this region. Moreover, rising awareness about better healthcare and a large patient population base are also driving the growth of the hematology analyzer & reagent market in Asia.

Increasing adoption of automated hematology instruments, rising technological advancements, and integration of basic flow-cytometry techniques in modern hematology analyzers are some of the key factors driving the growth of the global hematology analyzer & reagent market. In addition, rising demand for high-throughput hematology analyzers and development of high-sensitivity point-of-care (POC) hematology testing are also fuelling the growth of the global hematology analyzer & reagent market. However, the high cost of hematology analyzers and intense competition among existing players are restraining the growth of the global hematology analyzers & reagent market. In addition, stringent and time-consuming regulatory policies for hematology instruments also impede the market growth.

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Usage of microfluidics technology in hematology analyzers and introduction of digital imaging system in hematology laboratories could open up opportunities for new players in the global hematology analyzer & reagent market. In addition, increasing focus toward emerging markets, such as India and China, could also open up opportunities for new players in the global hematology analyzer & reagent market. Moreover, safety and quality of hematology analyzer could be a challenge for the growth of the global hematology analyzer & reagent market. Increasing instances of partnership among hematology instruments and consumables manufacturers is one of the recent trends in the global hematology analyzer & reagent market. The major companies operating in this market are Sysmex Corporation, Abbott Laboratories, Beckman Coulter, Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Mindray Medical International Limited, Siemens Healthcare, HORIBA, Ltd. and NIHON KOHDEN CORPORATION. 

Key geographies evaluated in this report are:

  • North America
    • U.S
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK
    • Eastern Europe
    • CIS
  • APAC
    • China
    • India
    • Japan
    • Australia
    • Others
  • Latin America
    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • Others

Key features of this report

  • Drivers, restraints, and challenges shaping the Hematology Analyzer and Reagent market dynamics
  • Latest innovations and key events in the industry
  • Analysis of business strategies of the top players
  • Hematology Analyzer and Reagent market estimates and forecasts(2015 -2021)

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