Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Regent Markets Pty Ltd (Australia) held its 8th birthday bash two weeks ago by booking out all three function rooms in the Brice Function Centre, Brisbane for a whole weekend. Everybody involved rated the function as a massive success.

If there’s one person in particular from the Regent Markets Brisbane office who deserves a huge pat on the back for their efforts in 2010 its Margie Browne. Margie has been an integral part of the marketing team at Regent Markets Pty Ltd for almost two years now and always seems to get saddled with the marketing campaigns and events that nobody else wants to organise.

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The stress of planning the biggest single event in Regent Markets history has finally paid off for Margie who has received a constant stream of congratulatory emails over the last 2 weeks from clients and staff alike. The 8th birthday celebration was always going to be one of Regent Markets’ biggest successes or failures. The weeks of planning that went into the party luckily ensured that it was destined for great things but nobody could have predicted the turnout or sheer number of happy faces present.

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Margie has been typically humble regarding the success and says only, in a defacing way, that she “thought it was a pretty good event”. It’s one thing to be impressed by streamers and decorations but how many people stop to think about what actually goes into planning an event like this one? Someone has to organise a venue, catering, drinks-bar, decorations, invitations, RSVP’s, seating, entertainment and all the other little bits and pieces that go into a good function. This event was a great example of how everything can come together perfectly to make a seamless weekend of entertainment.

The general consensus in the Regent Markets Pty Ltd Brisbane office is that they should have birthdays more often from now on. While this idea probably isn’t realistic the company is endeavouring to hold more events for staff and clients to mingle throughout the year. The birthday function also had the added benefit of bringing in some new Regent Markets clients through the Index-Trading investment demonstration booth set up on level 2 of the Function Centre.

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Regent Markets Pty Ltd has sent out personal thank you letters to all those who signed the guest book at the function. The letter also contains a 5% discount voucher for all Regent Markets Index Trading Services redeemable at any time in the future. If you attended and haven’t received your thank you note then you should let Regent Markets know on (07) 3105 5983.

Regent Markets Pty Ltd has no solid plans yet for its 9th birthday in 2011 but it’s probably safe to assume that Ms Browne will be organising proceedings once again. Time and date will be broadcast by press release and email when one is set. When asked if she would be handling things again next year Margie replied quite simply; “only if they ask me to”. Somehow Margie, I think they will.

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