Monday, December 8th, 2008

Rural Solutions SA ( has won a regional SA Great Sustainability award for its IRESTM Irrigation Recording and Evaluation System software.

Deemed as an outstanding nomination in its category by the judging panel, IRESTM is playing a key role in assisting Riverland irrigators to make better informed decisions about allocating and managing scarce water resources for their enterprises.

The Irrigated Crop Management Service (ICMS) and staff of the Electronic Information Services of Rural Solutions SA, developed the software for Primary Industries and Resources (PIRSA) with funding from the River Murray Improvement Program.

Irrigators trialling the software provided essential feed back during IRESTM development.

IRESTM aims to optimise production per megalitre of water by providing irrigators with a tool to develop water budgets, calculate irrigation volumes applied to plantings and monitor water consumption relative to allowable irrigation allocations.

It allows irrigators to combine irrigation records with daily weather data from WEB sites, to graph daily water balances in crop rootzones, which can be compared with field measurements by soil water monitoring devices.

Irrigators can see how wet or dry a valve or planting patch is on any date during the season.

The software produces a suite of production and water use efficiency indicators enabling irrigators to anonymously benchmark themselves amongst other irrigators by property and irrigation district scales.

The South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board has funded training and adoption of IRESTM by irrigators in Land and Water Management Planning Districts.

This combined with funding from PIRSA, has allowed the ICMS to deliver more than 30 training workshops attended by over 200 irrigators from most irrigation districts in South Australia. The software has generated interest from pilot groups in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

The software is also being used by the South Australian Research and Development Institute in projects aimed at refining irrigation practices, improving water use and reducing salinity.

Further information can be obtained from Bev Scarfe at the Irrigated Crop Management Service (ICMS), Loxton on 08 8595 9138.

Caption:Rural Solutions SA Business Support Consultant Bev Scarfe and ICMS Program Manager Tony Adams at the SA Great Regional Awards.

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Rural Solutions SA

Rural Solutions SA ( is a multi-faceted consultancy business combining economic, environmental and social dimensions.

It has a 100-year heritage of delivering regional services and solutions from its origins as part of the South Australian Department of Agriculture.

Since launched in 1998, the business has undergone a transformation into a consultancy business with a mix of expertise in a wide range of disciplines, associated with the environment and natural resources management as well as regional, community and industry development.

Expansion and growth sees us providing services in an extensive range of new market areas where we have gained expertise and a reputation for quality services, delivered on-time and to specification. Rural Solutions SA:

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Rural Solutions SA has won an SA Great Sustainability award for its IRES™ Irrigation Recording and Evaluation System.



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