Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

RACV General Manager Brian Negus said that in the lead-up to the 2010 State election, Victorians have seen three separate plans delivered by the Greens, all of which are effectively unfunded.

“RACV welcomes the Greens Party’s support for many key < ahref="">transport improvements across the state including an Airport Rail Link between Southern Cross Station and Melbourne airport, and we encourage them to provide more detail on the priorities for delivery, how they will proceed with planning and how they will be funded”, Mr Negus said.

The Green’s Six Point Plan to fix public transport is critical of the way the system is currently structured and calls for a massive overhaul including the abolition of six existing bodies to be replaced by a single Public Transport Authority, with six new taskforces to be created in order to fix urgent problems.

Mr Negus said RACV did not support the massive upheaval proposed by the Green’s simply to create more bureaucratic bodies to perform the same role as the Department of Transport. However RACV does support, in principle, the Green’s objectives to better integrate Victoria’s public transport agencies and authorities and to achieve greater coordination between public transport services.

“Victorian voters would have greater confidence in the ability of the Green’s to deliver on their transport promises if they were given more detailed plans and more than just a promise that a different system will be a better system”,he said.

“The Green’s Transport Policy has also missed an opportunity to improve Melbourne’s road-based public transport by alleviating road congestion. These measures should include increased clearway hours and improved public transport priority to a 30km radius, grade separations along Hoddle Street and a program to remove all railway level crossings,” he said.

RACV believes that many of the projects outlined in the Greens $4 billion Public Transport Plan for Melbourne’s East will help to deliver better transport options, and supports projects such as duplicating of sections on the Lilydale/Belgrave and Hurstbridge train lines, a new train station at Hull/Mooroolbark Roads on the Lilydale Line, tram extensions to Knox and Rail/road grade separations at Mitcham and Blackburn Roads.

However Mr Negus said the entire Plan relied on 'reallocating' future public funding of the North East Link when there was no current Government commitment to the North East Link beyond a feasibility study.

RACV believes that the projects outlined in the Greens' Plan are worthwhile and necessary projects, but they serve a different purpose to the North East Link and cannot replace it.

“RACV does not support funding of these projects at the expense of the North East Link; they should be provided in addition to the North East Link,” Mr Negus said.

RACV would also like to see more detail on the Green’s Plan for the rest of outer metropolitan Melbourne, which also suffers from a lack of public transport options and connections.

Voters who want to know what the major parties have promised for transport in the lead up to the State Election should visit RACV’s election website – The website is designed to scrutinise the promises of the major political parties on transport related issues.

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