Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Fighting disease and promoting chemical-free nutrition is the focus of a new book that reveals the hidden truth about some unhealthy mass food production practices, while encouraging us to get outside, get our hands dirty and grow the sort of produce that might just save our lives.

Written by first-time authors Sharon and Andrew Cooper, successful horticulturists with an award-winning commercial nursery, The Superfood Gardener: A Step By Step Guide to Growing Superfood Vegetables in Your Garden is a simple, practical guide to growing quality produce- "Superfoods" are packed with disease busting phytochemicals or phytonutrients - that can help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and other serious degenerative diseases, while boosting your immune system.

The Superfood Gardener has the support of the highly regarded Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, and in his foreward Professor Robert Graham writes: 'The Superfood Gardener marries the joy of gardening and the benefits of growing your own produce-a real plus for anyone wishing to take control of their health and help reduce the risk of contracting serious illness". A portion of the proceeds will go to support the Institute's life-saving research.

As parents as well as people touched by serious illness in their own family, Sharon and Andrew Cooper share the universal concerns about nutrition, risks such as obesity and diabetes and the effects of chemicals on future generations. While they have unearthed worrying research about agriculture practices, food production and the implications for human health, they believe passionately in the richness of the earth, the healing properties of nature and the sheer joy that a garden brings.

"We want to share hundreds of strategies, perfected over years of professional experience, for everything from soil preparation and natural pest control to the selection of your Superfoods for planting," says Sharon. We have even included recipes for healthy treats with your very own chemical-free produce".

The Superfood Gardener: A Step by Step Guide to growing Superfood Vegetables in Your Garden' is available from 25th November in bookshops and at
RRP $29.95

For futher information contact: Sharon Cooper
e: [email protected]
Sharon & Andrew are available for interview

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Andrew & Sharon Cooper

Andrew Cooper, along with his wife Sharon has owned and operated a highly successful production nursery for the past ten years. As a major supplier to Australia's largest seller of plants they would like to share their knowledge to help you establish your own organic oasis.
Sharon Cooper
P: 61 7 5476 4014
M: 0412 632 723


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